Why Your Landscaping Business Needs to Reserve Equipment For Client Jobs


Your company only has so much equipment. Scheduling jobs and reserving equipment to manage everything is a great way to help you spread things out and make sure you have enough equipment. 

Reserving equipment is more than your workers getting tools for a job. There’s a lot of back end work associated with the process. Most of it involves tracking your items, figuring out where they go, and seeing what gets used the most often. There’s also an inventory management aspect involved. 

Reserving equipment is a great way to improve what your company already does. You can keep from buying too much material, and track everything to make sure you make the most of what you already have. 

Here’s what a reservation process usually resembles:

Setting up a Process to Reserve Equipment

Setting up this type of process from start to finish can feel complicated. You need to have a way to make reservations, which means you need to have all of your equipment scanned and entered into a database. Setting all of that up at first can take a lot of time. You have to inventory what you currently have, connect it to a barcode, and create an entry for it in your system.

Once everything is in your database, then you need to create a way for your workers to reserve the equipment. You’ll need to create user profiles for everyone and give them permissions on what they can and can’t use.

Then, you’ll need to train your team on how to reserve and check things out. While you’re at it, you’ll want to teach them about returning items, and etiquette for treating assets with respect.

Benefits of Using a Landscaping Reservation Process

It might feel cumbersome to get this process set up in the first place. However, once you get it set up, many benefits will come from doing so. 

Equipment reservations are also a great way to help you record what your team uses and what doesn’t get requested. For tools and machinery, you can kit things together that often travel together. When you see what people reserve, you can see what needs to be packaged together. Then, you can store specialty items separately. 

Reservations can apply to anything, including the vehicles your team uses to travel from one job site to another. 

Even with those things your landscaping company has lots of, setting up a process where your company has to reserve tools is smart. Requiring your workers to reserve equipment can create a sense of responsibility. It’s on record that your technicians booked and checked out a machine. They’re on the spot to bring it back and make sure it’s in good condition. 

Asset Panda has a client in this industry who’s found success in tracking their equipment. Cutting Edge Lawn Care has been . They have several hundred pieces of equipment they use and were trying to wing it, not using any reservation system. Cutting Edge frequently bought more things than they needed, which resulted in spending way too much money. They also didn’t have the necessary assets because they didn’t know what they already had. 

Asset Panda is already configured to help you set up a reservation process for your landscaping equipment. Our cloud-based asset database will help you create records for all of your assets, and then track them as your workers use them. Check it out!


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