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If you’re running an interior design business, you’ve got interior design equipment to maintain, track and manage. Like any smart business owner, you want to take care of your tools and equipment and avoid waste. Your interior design equipment can include everything from laptop computers and software to drafting equipment, lighting, digital cameras, rendering equipment, smartphones, tablets and a lot more. When these items break down prematurely, your business can experience delays and unexpected costs. Your clients count on you to deliver your expertise on an agreed-upon timetable. You’ve worked hard to establish your business, so don’t let lost or broken interior design equipment derail your efforts.

If you think you’re too busy to track and manage your interior design equipment, you’re not alone. Most business owners are short on time – and, to be honest, it’s not a smart plan to try to track your equipment by yourself or with the aid of a staff member. Why? Human errors are inevitable when you track your assets manually. One typo is all it takes to throw off recordkeeping. Because you’re trying to keep your costs down, you may be relying on a manual process, like Excel spreadsheets or even pen and paper, to track and manage your interior design equipment. Unfortunately, manual tracking is not only error prone; it’s one-dimensional and doesn’t give you the ability to zoom out, so to speak, to analyze and make more informed decisions about your equipment needs across the board. As your company grows and you add staff and even locations, it’s going to be increasingly vital that you be able to track all of your assets, in real time, any time. In order to accomplish that objective, you need to ditch the spreadsheets and find yourself a reliable tracking platform that’s powerful, flexible and easy to use.



"Human errors are inevitable when you track your assets manually. One typo is all it takes to throw off recordkeeping."


When you think about your day-to-day work, do you spend much time in the office? Probably not. That’s why a mobile platform is your best bet for anytime tracking. Let’s say you’re out visiting a client and want to look up the exact location of an item. Instead of having to wait until you’re back in front of your computer, you can look up the information you need from your smartphone or tablet. The best asset tracking systems sync with the cloud, so you have the assurance that your data is always served up in real time.  Or let’s say you want to create a work order for an item needing service, check the maintenance history of an asset, or check the warranty on a piece of equipment. Again, with a mobile asset tracking platform, you can pull up the information you need 24 hours a day, wherever you happen to be.

Asset Panda offers the most user-friendly and intuitive platform for tracking and managing interior design equipment. Simply download the iOS or Android version of the Asset Panda app, upload your assets and add supporting documents, voice notes, photos, and videos, if you desire. From there, you call the shots as to how your equipment is organized and displayed in the app. Asset Panda adapts to your needs. Features are completely customizable, and you can add as many users as you’d like. You won’t need any special training to get up to speed. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, you’re ready to use Asset Panda. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner and requires no additional hardware to use.


With Asset Panda, the entire lifecycle of your interior design equipment is as near as your hand. Try it free for 14 days, and find out what it can do for your business. To learn more, visit assetpanda.com.


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