Florence City Schools Maintains Top-Notch Technology Program With Asset Panda

Florence City Schools in Florence, Alabama, provide innovative approaches to teaching for students in grades K through 12. One of the most diverse school districts in the state of Alabama, Florence ranked No. 7 among 135 Alabama school districts in the Niche 2017 annual K-12 school and district rankings. In the Districts with the Best Teachers category, Niche also ranked Florence City Schools No. 6 among 128 school districts in the state.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Ability to track the condition of assets
  • Barcode scanning
  • Check-in/check-out status
  • Centrally managed assets
  • IT asset tracking and management
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations

Customer since: June 2016

Florence City Schools employs a staff of 500. We have a lot of staff and student devices to track, manage and maintain. Our FCS Technology Team Members work to ensure that the latest educational technology resources are available to our students. We also assist district teachers in understanding how to use technology through professional development opportunities and close interaction with instructional partners within each of our schools.

The FCS Technology Team serves more than 5,000 users, supports more than 6,000 devices, maintains a robust wireless infrastructure at all 10 FCS sites, and provides a gigabit fiber WAN across the district with over 1 Gbps access to the Internet. One hundred percent of students in grades K-2 have 1:1 access to iPads, and 100 percent of students in grades 3-12 have 1:1 access to Chromebooks.  Our commitment to 1:1 computing allows students and teachers to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Our assets are distributed all over the Florence school district. Before Asset Panda, we were using Google Sheets to track and manage our technology assets, which were slow and not intuitive.

We've been using Asset Panda's mobile and desktop apps for two years now. While we've had issues here and there, we've had no issues for the past few months. The solutions we use most often are the check-in/check-out status feature, the mobile audit and asset tracking over multiple locations. The barcode scanner has been especially useful. We LOVE the barcode scanner on the mobile app - it's the best barcode scanner of all time!

With Asset Panda, it's easy to find out when and where a device was in or out of someone's possession and keep up with the status of devices (checked out, repair, available, etc.). I would recommend Asset Panda to friends and colleagues.

– Josh Skipworth, Technology Technician

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