You've Got to Be Kitting
How Bundling Increases Efficiency
for Remote Items

When you have multiple pieces of equipment that frequently travel as a set, tracking each piece separately doesn't make much sense. Asset tracking expert Trevor Noblitt can walk you through how Asset Panda allows you to group assets together in bundles to avoid unnecessary manual effort.

During this half-hour, you'll learn how to:

  • Follow best practices for building a Kits Group
  • Keep visibility by grouping assets
  • Prepare for the long-term return of your equipment
  • Get the most from your technology

Trevor Noblitt
Account Executive, Asset Panda

By day, Trevor draws from his technical sales background as a top Account Executive for the Asset Panda sales team. He has spent years developing quality automation processes for clients to help their operations improve in both scope and scale. By night, he enjoys the company of his dogs and the occasional fine Scotch.

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