Panda Pro Tip Series
New UI February 2021 Feature Release Training with Live Q&A

Your Guide to the Latest UI Features

Get a complete overview of Asset Panda's newest UI features from our expert, Krista Lugo. This training resource will cover: 

  • How to optimize the new all-in-one filtering system 
  • Tips for sorting columns by "ascending", "descending" or "no sort"
  • Best practices for the new word wrapping feature and more!

    Krista Lugo
    Operations Manager, Asset Panda

    Krista is one of the senior-most members of the Asset Panda team, currently serving the organization as Operations Manager. She has developed a passion for operational strategy via KPI management, streamlined processes, implementation of automation systems, and scaling the organization through optimization & efficiency. When she isn't attempting to help take the company to new heights, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, playing golf, cooking, and a good glass of wine.

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    This webinar is available on-demand. You can view it at any time after it has been released.