Software Tracking Tools Every Non-Profit Must Have

typing-on-laptop-close-upNon-profits have little to no flexibility in their budget. That often means that they have to make do with whatever funding they receive from grants and donors. However, software tracking tools are a great way to streamline your work process and free up dozens of hours for your staff and volunteers.

What Sorts of Software Tracking Tools Are Available?

Anything you do online or on the computer can be tracked with the right application or software program. Some of the most beneficial tools include ways to track donations, managing email and social media, and database platforms.

While there are programs for every single task you can imagine, you don’t actually need to purchase and install an application for everything you do. Here are the top 5 software tracking tools that will benefit your non-profit operations.

Accounting Software

You need a way to track your organization’s finances. Your team can’t operate without the generosity of your donors and other foundations that provide grants and other funding.

Accounting software is absolutely vital to staying on top of your finances. With it, you can see how much funding you have left each quarter. You’ll also be able to tell when you need to ramp up your calls for donations when funds are running low.

Asset Tracking Software

Every asset you rely on benefits your non-profit in a huge way. Whether your staff uses your assets to work with those in need, or you give them to your beneficiaries, tracking your assets is vital to knowing the size of the needs you are trying to meet.

Asset Panda is an easily customizable asset tracking platform that makes it easy for you to track your assets, however, they end up being used. Check out how it works here!

Task Management

Non-profits are usually understaffed. Most of them rely on the kindness of volunteers to get everything done. However, not everyone on hand knows what needs to happen.

By tracking the tasks that need attention, you can give work to volunteers when they show up. It’s also a great way to make sure everything gets done. When you don’t have a clear way of tracking tasks, some things can slip through the cracks until it’s too late. Many task management platforms are free to use and don’t cost you anything. Check out Trello for a free way to manage your organization’s tasks.

Social Media Management

Social media is a great way to build a following and attract potential donors to support your cause. You can find thousands of people that sympathize with what you are trying to do. This is a great way to get support from people across the globe. Imagine what your organization could do if funding wasn’t limited to the people who live close to your location.

Email Management

Along with social media, building an email list is a great way to bring in more donors. Social media trends change every day, but your email list is yours forever. In fact, reaching out to your supporters is more effective because it’s much easier to personalize than most social media posts.

But building an email list can seem daunting. What are you supposed to do? How do you know if your emails are being opened or not? Implementing an email management program is a great way to send personalized messages to people who already want to see you succeed.

Using these five software tracking tools can help boost your non-profit’s effectiveness and ability to meet needs. Try implementing one today to see how it can take your organization to the next level.

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