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happy-business-partners-in-officeHumans make mistakes – there are no two ways about it – which is just one reason why barcode system software can be such a game-changer for accuracy and efficiency. In inventory management, barcode system software simplifies the task of counting large numbers of items, including tallying stock, receiving, packing and shipping orders.

Before you decide which barcode system software you’re going to use for your organization’s needs, you’ll want to first consider how you’re going to print your barcode labels. The good news is that you can outsource that task affordably, using such resources as to print durable asset tags capable of withstanding inclement weather and other adverse conditions. Some companies who are reselling parts may choose to use the barcodes that are already affixed to those items. Your decision will be based in part upon whether you’ll need to be able to identify additional details like lot numbers within each barcode (if that’s the case, you’ll probably want to employ a new numerical system). If you outsource the task of barcode labels, you can create the numbers yourself or outsource the numerical assignments, as well. The companies who create the labels will ask you where you want to begin numbering your items and which details you want to appear on each label.

Your next task when implementing barcode system software involves the selection of a barcode scanner. Scanners vary in their degree of sophistication, features and price points. Generally they’re grouped into three categories: free-standing scanners that allow you to scan an item, collect data on a memory card and then import that data into an inventory management system; connected scanners that connect the scanner to a mobile device or laptop computer via Bluetooth or cable; and “smart” scanners that scan and collect data on the device itself – an all-in-one approach. Recently, a fourth variety of scanner has helped streamline and simplify barcode system software. Some inventory management apps include built-in barcode scanners, so everything you need to track and manage your inventory lives on your mobile device. For many organizations, the less equipment they have to purchase and maintain, the better, so built-in scanners can be a very attractive option.

Other factors you’ll want to consider when choosing barcode system software include flexibility, customization and ease of use. Obviously, when rolling out a new system like this, you want your employees up to speed as quickly as possible. The best barcode system software for your company is the one that any employee can use regardless of technological proficiency. If your employees have to set aside hours for training on a difficult system, they’re going to be less receptive. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for a solution that offers a robust offering of features. You may not need all of those features now, but as your needs change in the future, you’ll likely want to make modifications. Those features should be customizable, as well; your barcode system software should adapt to your needs. Finally, your inventory management system should be flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available.

With a little up-front research, choosing the best barcode system software for your organization will be a decision you only have to make once. With a built-in barcode scanner and the most powerful platform in the world, Asset Panda supplies companies and organizations with an intuitive solution that tracks and manages inventory across multiple locations. Our clients’ data sync with the cloud, supplying them with the accurate, real-time figures they need to make informed decisions.

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