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When something breaks down, the help desk is the first place you turn to for assistance. No one wants to be without important equipment and assets that are used every day. When equipment is broken, goes out of service, or is simply not available, internal employees suffer and often times, customers can feel that impact as well. If your company doesn’t have a good way to manage support ticket software, then everyone loses

Most of us use a computer every day, whether it is a portable laptop or one that stays in place at your desk. What happens when something goes wrong with it? You immediately go to “troubleshoot mode.” Does it need an upgrade? Was it infected with the latest malware scam? Did something break internally and needs replacing? That’s when you turn to your IT team to essentially bail you out.


“A good help desk support system coupled with an easy-to-use and reliable asset tracking program are valuable complements to one another.”


Help Desk Support with Asset Tracking

A good help desk support system coupled with an easy-to-use and reliable asset tracking program are valuable complements to one another. The two programs work together to reduce duplicate data entry and provide consolidated reporting. The help desk along with support ticket software allows employees to track assets through the initial request, approval, and final purchase and entry into inventory.

Integrating an asset management tool with your help desk and support ticket software allows for a focused and comprehensive approach, giving IT support teams the ability to:

  • Manage and track devices
  • Monitor a single view of status information that presents robust help desk ticket information and device status details in the same dashboard
  • Work remotely from mobile devices via cloud-based dashboards offering access from any mobile device or desktop
  • Provide up-to-date reporting capabilities to watch trends over time or monitor for improvements after making process changes

By registering and maintaining up-to-date records on all hardware and software problems, users can immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance history of each asset.

Benefits of Implementing a Help Desk with Support Ticket Software

Better Organization. Never again will users be looking for support information. All they do is scan a barcode or QR code right from the asset and enter their issue which is immediately sent to the help desk. This cuts down on wasted time and energy searching for expensive equipment and data to get support.

Ticketing Data. Your data will be in one centralized location assigned to the assets affected.  Everyone responsible for the asset will have the detailed information they need to quickly determine how to remediate issues and take full advantage of your cloud-based ticket system.  Nothing is left to chance.

Increased Efficiency. As the database grows larger and larger, you and fellow staff will have a better understanding of your assets and the cloud-based ticket system. This enhanced knowledge can help eliminate simple inquiries and requests, replacing these actions with faster responses and better decision-making.

Generate Detailed Ticketing Reports. Now you have the ability to run reports against your ticketing data to give you a full view of the assets and the tickets assigned to them giving you a better idea of the total cost of ownership

One of the most useful features within Asset Panda is the help desk ticketing system. Our help desk ticketing system dramatically improves the management and integrity of ticket related information, including providing simple innovative ways for customers to receive support. Asset Panda’s asset tracking system is easy to implement with a company’s help desk team and has been proven to dramatically improve the management and integrity of ticket related information.

The process of reporting issues to the help desk couldn’t be easier, resulting in quick results and a more optimized way to use support ticket software. Asset Panda users include a simple QR code on all of their equipment. When something breaks down, instead of calling technical support the user simply scans the QR code using the integrated Asset Panda mobile app. Then they enter basic information regarding their problem. The help desk now has the information they need to troubleshoot the issue. It really is that simple.

Users can request service or maintenance support for an asset on the platform by scanning the code through our free Mobile App. Your support team receives alerts by email or in-app notification when new tickets are opened. Repairs can be scheduled in the module itself, adding notes, photos, and documents to authenticate steps taken. When complete, the technician can close the ticket but can access the asset history anytime and anywhere—online or in the palm of their hands.

Start your free 14-day guided trial of Asset Panda today and ensure your help desk and support ticket software run efficiently and seamlessly!

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