With Asset Panda, Tracking Tools Among Multiple Construction Sites is Simple

With Asset Panda, Tracking Tools Among Multiple Construction Sites is SimpleOn a typical construction site, you’ll find a large inventory of tools and equipment, which is why tracking tools accurately and efficiently are vital for any construction company. The last thing any company wants is for productivity to grind to a halt because the crew doesn’t have the tools they need. Imagine this scenario: A crew arrives at a site to discover that it needs a specific tool. Without a means to locate the whereabouts of the item, a crew member then has to get on the phone or purchase a new one. The construction company, then, loses time, money or both. This can have a domino effect and delay not only the project at hand but other projects, as well.

In order to keep its projects on schedule, a company must be able to determine which tools, and how many, each of its crews requires. They should be able to take a 30,000-foot view of their organization, decipher where tools are needed and where they’re sitting idle. Companies must also be able to track the condition of those tools. If repairs or replacements are needed, then, they can plan ahead so that there are no surprises. Tracking tools in real time can help eliminate theft and loss. Finally – and perhaps most important – having an efficient system for tracking tools can help companies protect the safety of their crews. A tool or piece of equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained can pose serious risks to crew members.


“Having an efficient system for tracking tools can help companies protect the safety of their crews.”


If you’ve been using a manual Excel spreadsheet for tracking tools, that method has many, many drawbacks. First, the data isn’t in real time – the spreadsheet is dependent on an employee keeping up with data entry and updating. Second, it doesn’t close the communication loop. If someone has that spreadsheet open, someone else can’t enter data into it. You can’t consolidate changes. Third, errors are extremely common with manual data entry. All it takes is one missed keystroke. Your data is as accurate as the employee you’ve assigned to keep up with it. And even the most detail-oriented employee is bound to make a mistake. Fourth, you can’t submit work orders, schedule notifications, and alerts, and examine your data from a macro or micro perspective, determining needs either across the entire organization or within a specific unit. Fifth, you can’t export or import data into an Excel spreadsheet without a lot of hassle.

A mobile system for tracking tools is the way to go – in terms of ease of use, flexibility, customization, accuracy, and communication, not to mention peace of mind. Your best bet is to equip your crews with access to a real-time platform where they can determine in seconds the exact location and condition of an item, the identity of the person who has it, its check-in/check-out status, insurance policy and/or warranty information, and more. Asset Panda empowers them to do all of these things and so much more – all through an intuitive mobile app that syncs with the cloud. Everything you and your employees need for tracking tools lives in the palm of your hand, and thanks to the cloud, your data is always up to date. Create work orders, check maintenance histories, schedule alerts and notifications, set up custom security settings, and issue reports. Arrange your data exactly how you want; Asset Panda adapts to your needs.

With Asset Panda, tracking tools have never been easier or more cost-effective. Try it free for 14 days, and you’ll discover why clients from every industry already trust us to help them manage millions of dollars’ worth of their most vital assets. To learn more, visit assetpanda.com. 


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