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WASP barcode software has been around for many years.  For a long time WASP was considered the market leader.  Now times have changed.  The old business model built around selling expensive software, expensive scanners and limited support is fading away quickly. Asset Panda has been mobile from day one.  We examined the industry for a solution that would put the power back in the hands of the people that used the assets every day.  The work place is now dominated by the user of smart phones and mobile devices (tablets) and asset tracking solutions need to change with the times.  People no longer want to keep track of additional hardware or let alone carry it around with them. Mobile Device + SaaS Platform = easy to use affordable system with better usage.

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When considering WASP Barcode Software to Asset Panda please consider the following:

  • Do you want to leverage new technology or old? Asset Panda is state of the art and leverages a flexible FREE Mobile app plus SaaS platform.
  • Do you want to buy separate scanners and deal with the repair and maintenance of the scanners? Asset Panda does not require any third party scanners. Your people just download our FREE app to their phone and they are ready to get started.
  • Do you want to buy software that must be installed on your internal network? Asset Panda is SaaS. There is no software to install other than the FREE mobile app.
  • Do you want your pricing to be determined by the number of users and the amount of software and hardware you purchase? Asset Panda’s pricing is based upon assets tracked. It is that simple. You want to add more assets just upgrade within the app or online.

Key Attributes of Easy Asset Tracking Systems Versus WASP Barcode:

  • The app should be FREE to download from the App Store or GooglePlay.
  • The app should interface with a SaaS portal
  • Basic user training videos should be available online
  • No additional hardware should be required
  • API mapping should be available in the Web Portal
  • Do it yourself configuration and data upload should be available.

Converting from WASP Barcode to Asset Panda is simple. In WASP Barcode export your data into a CSV. Next, map your CSV file to the fields you would like to appear in Asset Panda. Once your data is uploaded all that is left is to configure security for your users. That’s it! You will be ready to move into the 21st century model of easy asset tracking. FREE Mobile Apps + SaaS Platform = Problem Solved