With Asset Panda, Frozen Spreadsheets are a Thing of the Past for IDT

IDT provides communication and payment services which help people stay in touch and share resources around the world. Established in 1990, IDT Telecom is an industry leader in prepaid communication and payment services through its Retail division as well as one of the world’s largest providers of international voice termination through its wholesale division.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Customized reporting
• Mobile asset tracking
• Enterprise service desk
• Unlimited actions
• Data import


Customer since: May 2018

IDT Telecom is a $1.5 billion company traded on the NYSE. The company employs 1,000 people based throughout more than 20 countries. The company acquires a new customer every eight seconds and conducts 150 million customer transactions every year.

At IDT, we specialize in telecommunications products and platforms. My branch location has 400 employees. We track kiosks in different locations across the United States and Puerto Rico and used to rely on Excel spreadsheets, so our asset tracking was a very manual process. A lot of information was stored in those spreadsheets, which caused Excel to crash.

Asset Panda has reduced our time spent updating different platforms with the same information. The quick look-up feature allows us to see all of the details in one centralized location.

We’ve been using Asset Panda for a year now, and the features that have been especially helpful for us include data import, customized reporting, asset tracking over multiple locations, unlimited custom fields, unlimited actions, inventory management, and the enterprise service desk. IDT also uses the Onelogin integration, which gives us a single, secure login to access multiple business applications.

The app’s interface and features offering are very simple to understand and navigate – the easy help center allows us to look up anything that we need assistance with. All of the Asset panda employees we’ve encountered have been helpful in addressing any concerns we had, and they were extremely helpful with importing all of our data initially.

Asset Panda has made our asset tracking efforts easier because through one centralized app, we can record repairs in addition to kiosk statuses and locations. Previously, we needed to use four separate platforms to track our inventory and repair.  I estimate we save about two hours a day with Asset Panda. And we love the ability to customize all of the fields and actions on demand.

– Elizabeth Pasceri, Channel Support Manager, IDT/BR

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