Considering Asset Management Software Features? Think Long Term

By November 29, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog, Use Case

Considering Asset Management Software Features? Think Long TermEven if you consider yourself to be pretty tech-savvy, choosing the asset management software features most useful for your organization can be a challenge. Your needs today may not be your needs tomorrow. So you’ll want a solution that gives you what you want now but is robust enough to enable you to select other features and make changes as your business evolves. And, if you’re a growing business, you’ll want something scalable. In today’s marketplace, personalization is a must. Businesses and organizations expect software to adapt to them, not vice versa, and asset management software features are no exception.

There are many features available today that you may not be aware of, but will most certainly appreciate once you put them to work for your business. The catch is this: Not all asset management software products have these features, so do your homework, take advantage of free trial periods, and be sure that the product you choose is one on which you can depend not just for the next year, but for the long haul. Here are some of the critical asset management software features that should be on your list of non-negotiables:

Simple, easy and intuitive user interface. Not everyone can make heads or tails of a complex interface. The best software presents itself in a clear, streamlined way so that even your employees who aren’t confident around technology will use it with confidence. And when it comes to your asset management software, employee buy-in is everything.

Easy data import and export. You’ll likely need to import data into your software tool (for example, importing data from an Excel spreadsheet) and export it out, as well (for example, exporting select data from your software into a report). That process shouldn’t be difficult for your software.

Getting up to speed should be a snap. You don’t want asset management software that requires your employees to go through extensive training to make heads or tails of its functionality and features. Going back to the intuitive interface we mentioned earlier, the entire user experience associated with your asset management software should be easy and hassle-free.

Unlimited users with no extra fee. Your asset tracking efforts will be successful – in other words, they’ll save you time and money and boost efficiency throughout your organization – if you can get all of your stakeholders on board. The problem is, a lot of software products cap the number of users you can bring on and then charge you a fee for exceeding that number. Be on the lookout for software that removes such penalties and allows unlimited users. When you can close the communication loop among your stakeholders, you increase accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Customizable features. No two companies are the same, so why should asset management software take a one-size-fits-all approach? You should be able to organize and display your data how you want and make changes when you want. Think customizable notifications and alerts, customizable fields, custom security settings, and more.

Scalable. Look for software that allows you to track as many or as few assets as you need, and as many locations as you’d like with no restrictions.

Mobility. Your asset data should be accessible to you 24 hours a day via your mobile device. Look for a product that gives you that freedom. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to purchase any additional hardware to use your asset management software.

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