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“We are a group of creative thinkers committed to making a difference in the world by solving global challenges with smart solutions and outstanding customer service.”

Rex Kurzius


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Capterra Best Ease of Use - 2023
Computer Inventory

G2 Mid-Market - 2023
Easiest Admin

G2 Mid-Market - 2023
Highest User Adoption

Software Advice Most Recommended - 2023
Calibration Management

Software Advice Best Customer Support - 2023
Calibration Management

Capterra Shortlist - 2022
Asset Tracking Software
EAM Software

GetApp - Category Leaders 2022
EAM Software
Fixed Asset Management Software

Our Team

We are a melting pot of creative thinkers and problem-solvers on a mission to rid the world of its asset tracking woes. Once armed with our powerful platform, our clients are able to reclaim control of their organization’s assets and invest their substantial cost savings back into their people, communities and passions.

Asset Panda’s talented team is a versatile, fully remote workforce that spans the globe. In the spirit of innovation and curiosity, we challenge the status quo and strive to improve the world one smart step at a time.

Founder / CEO

Rex Kurzius is the Founder/CEO of Asset Panda. Rex is an award-winning Entrepreneur and sought after speaker whose passion for helping the world work smarter inspires us all to not only think outside the box, but to imagine that the box does not exist. He is a visionary who draws on experience and insight from the experts he surrounds himself with to push the boundaries of how a company should operate. His sight is set on ensuring that Asset Panda dominates the SaaS sector helping the world’s organizations efficiently manage their assets. His leadership has propelled Asset Panda’s tremendous growth, taking our company closer to the top year after year.

When he’s not investing in or serving on the board of several other operating companies, Rex donates a generous amount of his time to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Rex's entrepreneurial story was also featured as the cover story for the April 2022 issue of D CEO magazine.

Read the full article at D CEO.

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