Seamless government asset tracking

Manage all your assets and work orders in one easy place with our government and public works asset management software.

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Public works asset management software

Streamline your department’s processes and boost productivity with Asset Panda. Keep track of all your equipment, work orders, and employees to seamlessly assign tasks to available field workers and ensure they have the right tools to complete them. Plus, enable your field workers to share real-time updates from anywhere with our companion mobile app with built-in barcode technology.

Asset management software for local governments

Get full transparency into your city’s assets to optimize asset utilization and capital planning. Understand the real-time status, condition, and location of your fixed assets and track valuable information like repair history and current depreciated value. With clear insights into your local government’s asset usage and operating budget, you can secure the funds you need and make better data-driven decisions. 

Water utility asset management system

Easily assign work orders and increase efficiency with our government asset management software. With your asset inventory, maintenance tasks, and field workers in one centralized system, you can streamline your city’s water services and ultimately reduce costs. Allow your team to access inspection checklists from anywhere with our mobile app with available offline mode.

Streamline your workflows

Increase efficiency with government asset tracking

From IT assets to vehicles to voting booths, our government asset management software helps you track and manage everything you rely on in real time. Access the current status, condition, and location of each individual asset to ensure you're assigning available and functional equipment to your field workers.  

Easily create and assign work orders to your field workers and receive automated alerts when maintenance tasks are complete or overdue. Standardize your records and boost accountability with required work order fields like signatures and photos.

Manage everything in one cohesive place

Add your assets, work orders, and team members to one unified system

Create a single source of truth for your data in our centralized government asset management software. Set up unique accounts for each of your departments under one umbrella instance in our secure multi-tenant platform.  

Track various kinds of assets, build out your current workflows, and get your entire team on the same page with unlimited users. Assign custom roles and user permissions for enhanced security, and keep tabs on employees’ training progress for improved accountability and compliance.

Gain actionable insights

Improve capital planning and reduce downtime with robust reporting

Get full visibility into the state of your asset inventory with comprehensive reports and visual dashboards. Generate reports with virtually unlimited filters and create automated reporting schedules so you can effortlessly monitor work order progress and ensure your employees have the tools they need. 

Easily keep track of your assets’ usage and depreciated value in our public works asset management software to streamline capital planning. By optimizing asset utilization, your department can save money and efficiently request the right amount of budget for future purchasing needs.

Useful features for government & public works

Asset Tracking


Mobile app

Ease of use


Oklahoma City becomes more responsive and organized

“Now, we can streamline our process, be more responsive to customer requests, and improve overall compliance with auditing.”

Jack Gallemore

Customer Support Manager

Franklin County brings the team in at different access levels

“We like the ability to offer different levels of access and that assets can be maintained by individuals within departments.”

Peggy Heiston

Accounting Office Supervisor

NYCEDC starts to deploy government asset management software to more departments

“Asset Panda has helped our business meet the Goal of tracking all of our assets and helped us with our inventory audits. We love the software and have begun to deploy it to other subdivisions company wide.”

Michael Sagliocca

Security Analyst

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