Effortless fixed asset tracking

Track all your fixed assets and calculate depreciation in our comprehensive fixed asset management software.

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Get real-time visibility into your fixed assets

Keep tabs on the status, condition, and location of your fixed assets at all times

Streamline workflows and boost productivity with Asset Panda’s real-time fixed asset management software. Access the current status of your individual assets along with their full lifecycle history, including repair and assignment history, warranty information, and current depreciated value.  

No matter the kind of fixed assets you’re tracking, manage them from anywhere on the web or on our mobile app. Leverage our built-in barcode technology to generate and print your own barcode labels, and scan them directly on your mobile device to instantly update asset records.

Create a single source of truth for your asset data

Manage every asset in our centralized fixed asset tracking software

From furniture to vehicle fleets, Asset Panda makes it easy for you to manage numerous asset types in one cohesive platform. Customize your naming conventions and processes to match the way you already work for fast time to value. 

Plus, track assets across multiple locations and maintain an up-to-date employee directory in our unified fixed asset management software. Get your entire team on board with unlimited users, and grant the right access to the right people with fully customizable user permissions. 

Make more informed business decisions

Track depreciation and more with robust reports

Easily report on asset utilization, maintenance and repairs, and depreciation in our fixed asset tracking software. Customize your reports with virtually unlimited filters and set automated reporting schedules so you can routinely review the state of your fixed asset inventory. Leverage straight-line depreciation reporting to improve tax compliance, avoid ghost assets, and accurately forecast future purchasing needs.  

With actionable insights into your fixed assets, you can maximize uptime, stay on top of preventive maintenance, and increase accountability and compliance.

Useful features for fixed asset management

Asset Tracking


Mobile app

Ease of use


CHG Healthcare saves 28 hours a week

“Without AP, my team would be much less efficient. We’d be running around a lot more like chickens with our heads cut off. It keeps my team more organized [and] accountable for what they are doing, for the time they are spending on things.”

Chris Loving

Facilities Manager II

Tracerco shares asset management responsibilities

“The versatility of the platform has allowed us to create a custom inventory/asset system that has been cost-effective to implement. And Asset Panda has allowed many people to contribute to a system that was once managed manually by one person.”

Justin Tippit

Operations Manager

Fort Worth Community Credit Union eliminates paper trails

“It used to be like pulling teeth to get employees to remember to fill out and turn in the tedious asset management paperwork. We had a lot of missing or misplaced inventory due to changes not being recorded, but not anymore.”

David Chambers

Staff Accountant

Amcom Office Systems can see all their assets at once

“The documentation of what assets we have, where they are, their maintenance/repair history has made the overall process of tracking easy and efficient.”

John Daley

IT Coordinator

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