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Simplify your 1:1 device deployment and track assets in real time using our school asset management software with built-in barcode technology.

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Asset tracking software for every kind of school

From charter schools to universities to K-12 school districts, Asset Panda’s customizable solution can be tailored to meet your school’s unique needs. Manage various types of assets in one place and build processes that match the way you already work. Plus, track all your campuses or district locations in our multi-tenant school asset management software to create a single source of truth for your data.

K-12 asset management software

Effortlessly deploy and track 1:1 devices in our asset management software for schools. Ensure your students and staff have the devices they need to work effectively and provide an easy-to-use platform for your IT department to manage service tickets and requests.  

Higher education asset management software

Manage various asset types across all departments and campuses in our multi-tenant asset tracking software. From lab equipment to vehicle fleets, Asset Panda can be tailored to meet your university’s asset tracking needs so you can manage repairs, optimize asset utilization, and make more informed decisions.

Stop chasing down your school's devices

Track the status and condition of your assets in real time

From student Chromebooks to classroom projectors, our school asset management software makes it easy to see who an asset is assigned and where it’s located for seamless tracking. With the ability to confirm an item’s status in real time, you can ensure you’re checking out available, functional assets to your students and staff.  

To further streamline workflows and boost efficiency, Asset Panda’s built-in barcode technology allows you to generate and print unique asset tags for each of your devices. Look up assets and assign them with a single scan for greater time savings and data accuracy.

Manage everything in one convenient place

Get visibility into all your assets in our school asset tracking software

Say goodbye to numerous spreadsheets and hello to a unified asset tracking platform. Easily manage IT devices, desks, classroom supplies, and more in Asset Panda’s agnostic and customizable solution 

Our multi-tenant school asset management software allows you to keep track of various campus or district locations and maintain an up-to-date list of students and staff for seamless device assignment. With unlimited users, you can get your entire team on the same page and enable them to check out devices and submit support tickets.

Gain actionable insights

Improve budgeting and compliance with detailed asset records and reports

Make more informed decisions with robust asset records and reports at your fingertips. Customize and filter reports to get the information you need and create automated reporting schedules so you can routinely check in on the state of your asset inventory. Report on important data such as asset utilization, depreciation, and repairs to better forecast future purchasing needs. 

Our asset management software for schools also tracks the full history of each individual asset from purchase to disposal. With records and reports, you can increase compliance for grant requirements, reduce potential downtime, and keep your students and staff working efficiently.

Useful features for school asset management

Asset Tracking


Mobile app

Ease of use


Higher Education

K-12 Schools

St. Francis got a much-needed update to their financial reports

With the implementation and the customizable fields, we were able to basically match things into Asset Panda out of our current data we were used to managing.

Tom Kendziora

Assistant Controller

Texas Tech abandons “comically large” inventory binders

“With Asset Panda, we have been able to solidify our history of what student / faculty / staff member had what item and for what period of time. The data that Asset Panda provides us is an incredible upgrade over our paper-based, human error prone system.”

Paul Terrell

Specialist III

The University of Connecticut improves asset coverage across the board

“Before we found Asset Panda, we relied on a vendor database that had no connectivity to our financial system and required a great deal of data manipulation to import and export data.”

Thomas Fearney

Inventory Control

Hockinson School District can check asset status in real time

“When staff is out in the field, we can check on the status of any asset no matter where we are. It’s also helpful when moving from campus to campus and checking out items to students”

Austin Webberley

IT Support Technician I

Creston Community School District gets 3 hours back per day

“I have a wealth of data right in the palm of my hands about all of our district’s assets. I can even scan an asset on the spot and see if it’s in our inventory or not. If it isn’t, then I can add it right in instantly...and Asset Panda will track its entire lifecycle moving forward.”

Brendalee Lyell-Keate

Technology Department

Aiken County Public School District uses barcode feature to enhance accountability

“The added capabilities of being able to take pictures of our equipment and attach it to our assets provide more accountability for all involved. Barcodes affixed to assets allow us to link them to any student, teacher or school in our district.”

LeAnn Reinholt

Assistive Technology Lead

Arbor Park School District 145 boosts efficiency to satisfy superintendent

“My Chief Technical Officer says Asset Panda is top-notch and just what we need. My teachers love it. My Board of Education is impressed. And that makes me a happy superintendent!”

Andrea Sala


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