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Manage your building asset inventory in our centralized platform to increase productivity and compliance.

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Seamless facility asset management mobile app

Easily add or update asset records with a single scan using our mobile app with built-in barcode technology. Barcode scanning not only allows your team to speed up workflows and increase efficiency but also helps them reduce manual effort and adhere to workflows from anywhere, ultimately improving data accuracy.

Designed for facilities of all sizes

No matter the size or type of facility you're looking to manage, our highly customizable facility asset management software has got you covered. From office spaces to medical facilities and beyond, Asset Panda can be tailored to meet your unique building asset management needs.  

Efficient building asset management

Our highly customizable building asset management system serves facilities of all kinds. From office buildings looking to manage furniture and computers, to hospitals looking to track industrial cleaning and maintenance, our platform can be tailored to match your unique assets and workflows. Easily track office supply inventory levels, manage repairs and inspections, and forecast future purchasing needs with Asset Panda’s building asset management software

Reduce costs and downtime

Make better decisions with our facility asset management software

With full lifecycle information readily available in our building asset management software, you can optimize asset utilization and anticipate upcoming inspections, repairs, or replacements. By better understanding the state of your facility’s inventory at any given time, your team can better predict upcoming purchasing needs, avoid overspending, and reduce potential downtime.

Empower your team to work smarter

Provide your workforce with a centralized system to manage building assets, submit service requests, and more

Our facility asset management software allows your team to effectively track, manage, and request repairs on the inventory items they rely on. Grant the right access to the right people with unlimited users and fully customizable user permissions.  

With our inventory management software in place, you can empower your employees to conduct workflows from the facility or on the go using our mobile app with built-in barcode technology. Save time and streamline inspections, audits, and more with a single barcode scan. 

Improve compliance and accountability

Build standard processes for enhanced compliance and track employees’ progress

No matter the regulations your team needs to follow, our highly configurable building asset management platform can help you set up the right workflows to ensure compliance. Whether you want to set notifications for routine equipment inspections, or house safety and training manuals in unique asset records, you can do all this and more in Asset Panda. 

Even with your standardized processes built out, our facility asset management software allows you to track asset and workflow history to keep tabs on your team members’ compliance. Enforce your workflows and boost accountability with signature capture and required notes or photos, and maintain individual employees’ training progress – all in one convenient place. 

Useful features for facility asset management

Asset Tracking


Mobile app

Ease of use


RISE™Robotics Uses Asset Panda as Their Single Source of Truth

"Almost every company that I could see myself working for in the future would benefit from something like Asset Panda if they don't already have it." 

Tom Rufo

Lab Manager

Streamlined Facilities Management for CHG

“We have different categories of assets: soft furniture, hard furniture, appliances...With each one of those, I can customize which fields come up that I need to enter data into. We were able to customize who the vendor is to contact for repairs based on what type of asset it is.”

Chris Loving

Facilities Manager II

Delivering Accurate Reports for Clients at NEXClean

“We are providing reports at the end of every service, tracking thousands of different pieces of equipment and giving our customers the reports of what we cleaned, when we cleaned it, and most importantly where it was cleaned in the facility.”

Dan Nestor


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