Get more time to do good

Waste less energy on the guesswork and frustration that comes with keeping track of critically important donations and equipment


Easily manage donations

Track contributions from the moment they arrive to the moment they're distributed

Get up-to-date records with the most vital information about everything from clothing to laptops. Empower your volunteers and staff with simplified tracking through iOS and Android apps that accelerate every part of the donation cycle.

Keep your tech working

Reduce the repair costs and equipment losses associated with weak asset control

Enable your teams to easily track scheduled maintenance tasks and keep an accurate picture of your vital technology. Reduce downtime with easy repair requests and fast lookups for replacements.

Simplify your tax prep

Assign contributions, grants, and expenses to donations or equipment for easy reporting

Get robust records and custom reports for accurate data on the use of funds related to your equipment and donations.


Unity Hospice Saves Hundreds of Hours Every Month

“When I recommend the software, I tell people that Asset Panda is truly the Swiss Army knife of asset tracking because there are so many ways to customize it to make sure it does exactly what you need it to do.”

Avi Kolko

Director of Operations

Reduced Costs and Full Asset Visiblity for British Red Cross

“Minimal stock holding schedules have reduced our spend on unnecessary assets, and we're benefiting from improved courier and delivery costs.”

Sandra Howitt

Senior Logs Manager

A "Neat, Clean Way to Track" for Friendship House Association

“Although it’s been just four weeks, the software has changed the way we work, and it has helped our bottom line. We’re seeing increased productivity, decreased errors, and easier and greater access to the information we need for reporting purposes.”

Victoria Blacksmith

Executive Director

Barcode Scanning Quickly Gets Items To Those In Need for Safe Nest

“Having this data available around-the-clock in real time has allowed us to plan corporate volunteering events and make more strategic donation requests for items that are actually needed and will benefit our recipients.”

Allison Lewis

Special Project Manager

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An ideal feature set for non-profits

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