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Donations should be a blessing, not a curse. Keep better track of critically important donations and equipment with Asset Panda

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Keep track of every donation

Manage your donations more accurately from the moment they are sent.

With Asset Panda, your volunteers and staff can work together on non-profit asset tracking. We help keep all your donation-based assets straight – from clothing to laptops – with an easy-to-use app.

Ensure your assets are up to date

Better non-profit asset tracking means less costly repair costs and fewer equipment losses.

With Asset Panda, you’ll easily be able to see which of your assets aren’t in working order. That makes it easier to send the right ones out for repairs before it’s too late and locate replacement parts without an extensive and time-consuming search.

Make tax time a breeze

Simplify your life during tax season by directly assigning contributions, grants, and expenses to specific items

When it comes time to do your non-profit’s taxes, reliable record keeping is your savior. Asset Panda helps you keep thorough records for every item and generate customized reports that allocate donations to costs in a seamless fashion.

Unity Hospice Now Saves Hundreds of Hours Every Month

“When I recommend the software, I tell people that Asset Panda is truly the Swiss Army knife of asset tracking because there are so many ways to customize it to make sure it does exactly what you need it to do.”

Avi Kolko

Director of Operations

British Red Cross improves asset visibility and reduces costs

“Minimal stock holding schedules have reduced our spend on unnecessary assets, and we're benefiting from improved courier and delivery costs.”

Sandra Howitt

Senior Logs Manager

Friendship House Association finds reporting to be a breeze

“Although it’s been just four weeks, the software has changed the way we work, and it has helped our bottom line. We’re seeing increased productivity, decreased errors, and easier and greater access to the information we need for reporting purposes.”

Victoria Blacksmith

Executive Director

Safe Nest uses barcode scanning to get items to those in need

“Having this data available around-the-clock in real time has allowed us to plan corporate volunteering events and make more strategic donation requests for items that are actually needed and will benefit our recipients.”

Allison Lewis

Special Project Manager

Find out how non-profit asset tracking helped one company save 2 hours a day


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