Make the most of your funds

Give your staff and volunteers easy access to information about the assets that bring joy to your congregation

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Track your essentials

From AV equipment to musical instruments, know what you have across all your buildings

Stay up to date when your staff checks out equipment for gatherings or makes new purchases. Scan barcodes to view receipts, warranty information, pictures, and more.

Full historical records

Get insights with maintenance logs and action histories that tell the story of every asset

Make smarter decisions about what needs to be replaced and when. Spend budget dollars wisely on more reliable equipment. Quickly bring new volunteers up to speed.

Access for all

Give anyone the ability to help out from their existing iOS or Android device

Keep permanent staff and rotating volunteers in the loop without breaking the bank with unlimited user seats. Get custom access with roles that limit users to only the data you want them to see and update.

Clear Records for Christian Vision North America's Video Equipment

“We’ve particularly enjoyed utilizing Asset Panda’s website/desktop version, which works great. On there, it’s easy to sort how our assets are displayed, so at a quick glance, we can find what we’re looking for or know what’s available to us.”

Cadeau Juraschek

Content Specialist

Huber Memorial Church Moves on From Pen and Paper Tracking

“There is no other solution like Asset Panda. It can be completely customized, which sets it apart. Customization coupled with the ease of use, has made Asset Panda the best asset management software that I have ever encountered.”

Chelrisa Swanston


A Centralized System for Crossroads Church

“We have found Asset Panda amazingly configurable and it hit all of the things we wanted in one SaaS. We needed something for inventory, asset mgmt, maintenance records and scheduling, and check in/out. ”

Patrick Buescher

Site Support

Better Stewardship of Resources for Sandals Church

“We love how nothing is really set in stone so making changes is fast and easy. Our whole organization can use the software without breaking the bank.”

Amanda Marquez

Procurement Officer

A feature set designed with religious institutions in mind

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