Asset Panda Saves Denver Seminary Up to 5 Hours A Day With Its Asset Tracking Technology

Denver Seminary needed a better way to keep up with the changes in their IT and facility assets, and that’s where Asset Panda made a big impact.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Improved inventory management
• Mobile audit
• Barcode generator
• Unlimited custom fields
• Cost-effective
• Facilities management

Customer since: April 2017

Denver Seminary is a graduate-level school of theology based in Littleton, Colorado (just outside of Denver), with additional campuses in Washington DC and Amarillo, Texas. We commit ourselves to be a school that is widely recognized as a leading institution in evangelicalism while also valuing and nurturing diversity in our community.

We realized the need for a more in-depth asset tracking method after our previous approach, an Excel spreadsheet, was not helpful in keeping up with the constant changes to our IT and facility equipment throughout our different facilities. The use of one spreadsheet for tracking a multitude of assets made it very difficult for our team members to produce accurate and timely updates.

Now, thanks to Asset Panda, we have been able to combine IT and facilities equipment into one central location that is accessible by any allocated user. Thanks to the mobile capabilities, technicians can instantly look up data about any given asset in Asset Panda, no matter where they are located on campus, and make changes, notes, etc. This is especially handy when we do physical audits. Our accounting team is also seeing greater benefits after we implemented Asset Panda into our daily operations. Audits across the board are much easier to do, and we can conduct them more often than we did with Excel.

The fact that Asset Panda is saving us up to five hours a day is a tremendous benefit of the software. That is time that can be better spent by members of our team on tasks other than searching for lost or misplaced assets or manual entry of data into a spreadsheet. The Asset Panda interface was easy to understand and customer support was top notch when getting set up and implementing the platform.

– Jason Adams, IT Director


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