5 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Database Inventory Software

By February 13, 2019Asset Tracking, Blog

5 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Database Inventory SoftwareCloud computing takes a lot of the hassle out of maintaining your own systems. In turn, cloud database inventory software is quickly becoming a necessity for companies who need to track a large amount of product.

Here’s a quick rundown of why cloud computing is becoming a necessity for most businesses that track inventory.

Cloud-Based Systems Provide Real-Time Tracking

When all of your team members can log in to your database at the same time, it’s a lot easier to keep your inventory records up to date. Companies with high product turnover require real-time tracking in order to serve their customers.

If your store had an item twenty minutes ago when you last checked inventory, your clerks make promises they can’t keep. Imagine how frustrated your customers will be if your employees tell them you have an item on hand, only to find out that isn’t the case. It makes your workers and your company look bad.

Cloud Computing Makes For Easy Data Recovery

Previously, companies had to store relevant information on local servers. However, if those servers crashed, and hard-drives with relevant data were wiped, there was no chance of getting your data back.

Storing your information in the cloud means you’ll never lose your data. Even if one server goes down, cloud companies use a number of back-ups and servers to keep your information safe. They have the infrastructure necessary to ensure you’ll never lose your inventory records again.

Cloud Database Inventory Software Requires Little to No Maintenance

Using more technology means your company will have to make time for hardware maintenance and check-ups. Scheduling maintenance can be incredibly difficult. Depending on what you need to fix, these necessary repairs and tune-ups could completely halt work.

However, when you use cloud database inventory software, you don’t have to worry about repairs. The company responsible for storing your inventory systems will do all of the work necessary to protect your data. That way, you can spend more time working directly with customers.

Cloud Computing Keeps Your Data Secure

Since cloud technology has been around for several years, the industry has made several advances in improving security. If you lose any of your devices, you can still access your information from another machine. If your devices are stolen, you can also connect with your cloud computing provider to deny access to those machines in the future.

All cloud technology comes with encryption to protect your company data. Each cloud software program comes with user login credentials, so only those who know the username and password will be able to see your inventory records. You can also change permissions so that each employee can only access the data that is relevant to where they are working.

Cloud Technology Provides Easy Access to Inventory Information

You and your team can’t go into the office every time they need to pull up inventory records. Most of the time, these records need to be viewed as your team is working with inventory.

Keeping your inventory in a cloud database means your employees can pull up inventory records on the floor and make sure what they see matches what’s recorded. If there’s a discrepancy, they’ll be able to spot it right away and make the changes necessary to create accurate data.

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