Fairwinds Credit Union Tracks Assets Among 30 Locations with Asset Panda

Based in Orlando, Fairwinds Credit Union is the largest locally owned and operated financial institution in Central Florida. 

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Mobile asset tracking
• Asset tracking over multiple locations
• Unlimited actions
Device Data Agent integration
• Easy, intuitive interface
• Improved communication

Customer since: May 2016

Asset Panda has made us more efficient and able to communicate better.

Fairwinds Credit Union is in the financial services/banking industry and currently has more than 182,000 members. Anyone living or working in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Osceola, Polk, Brevard, Lake, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinella or Sarasota counties may become a member of Fairwinds Credit Union. University of Central Florida students, faculty, staff and alumni also are eligible for membership, as members’ families living outside any of the eligible counties. We have a total of 600 employees, including 250 at my branch location.

We’re responsible for tracking all of the computer-related assets throughout the credit union in our 30-plus locations in Central Florida. Before we started using Asset Panda, we tracked our assets manually, by sending email messages. Assets would be moved, and no one was informed about those moves due to the manual way of communication.

Now we’re using Asset Panda’s mobile and desktop apps. The IT team uses the mobile app to add and update the locations of our assets. The mobile app-enabled the IT area to update the locations and status of the equipment easily while they were dealing with the assets. The accounting areas use the desktop app to review the changes, enhance the asset details and pull reports. We’re also using the Device Data Agent integration to conduct audits of our Internet-connected, Windows-based PCs and installed software. The program collects information from our devices and automatically syncs our data to the Asset Panda platform every day.

For us, Asset Panda’s most helpful features have been the ability to conduct asset tracking over multiple locations and perform unlimited actions. Asset Panda has been very easy to use. Set up and updating our data has been easy, while the audit section wasn’t as easy.  Overall, Asset Panda has changed the way we work by making us more efficient and able to communicate better. We’re saving about 30 minutes a day by using the app. I would give Asset Panda a 10 – I’d recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

–Michelle Klima, Project Manager – Accounting

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