No More Hassle: How an Integrated Enterprise Solution Simplifies Your Business Operations


Enterprise companies use a variety of software to keep operations going on a daily basis. From updating accounting practices and invoices to tracking inventory movement, the right software helps your company become more efficient across the board.

However, many of these programs were created by different developers, and may not co-operate well with other programs. Having multiple software solutions across company departments can lead to issues like miscommunication, confusion, lack of access across different users, and time sink to try to manage multiple platforms. It can also cost you money.

For example, when your company first started out, you likely began by using QuickBooks to manage your finances and customer invoices. As your product availability and demand grew, you probably also instituted an inventory management program. And if you started to hire more employees, you probably used a separate system entirely to track their hours and pay. Trying to manage those three programs in tandem can become complicated, and there’s no guarantee they will work well together.

Having an assortment of software to address your business needs can lead to a number of problems, including a decrease in employee productivity, creating obstacles when it comes time to scale, putting a huge strain on your IT department, increasing difficulty of meeting industry compliance standards, and miscommunication between departments. The bottom line of all of these problems translates to a big-time loss in profit.

On the other hand, having a single software that tracks all of these systems in one place can help you avoid all of these problems while increasing your yearly profits. Using a streamlined enterprise business solution will make it possible for your company to track all of the systems at hand and avoid the complicated issues that come from using a mishmash of software.

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Plan For Your Enterprise Software

No business intends for their enterprise software solution to become redundant or complicated. Most of the time, these issues come about because of lack of planning. Most of the time, supervisors and managerial staff implement software when there is an urgent need for a solution. However, acting under these time pressures means that these companies don’t make the best decisions when it comes time for purchasing decisions. .svg

Introducing Pangata, Your Integrated Enterprise Software Solution

The best thing you can do to avoid all of these problems is to employ an integrated enterprise software solution. Using a dedicated enterprise software platform provides the following benefits:

  • Information sharing
  • Process automation
  • Smaller IT workload
  • Accurate forecasts
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased company mobility
  • Safer, more stable integrations
  • Security – only one system to track instead of several

Pangata Powered by Asset Panda makes it possible for you to address all of your business software needs in a single platform. Using this software, you can create custom mobile applications in a matter of hours instead of months. This app will contain all of your information and environment requirements and provide you with a custom system perfectly suited to your company’s needs.

Pangata is designed to be an entire business process tool. You can use it for asset management, calibration and maintenance, certification tracking, compliance standards, facilities management, help desk ticketing, workflow processes, e-commerce inventory tracking for sellers on platforms like Etsy and eBay, and more.

This platform makes it possible for you to customize your enterprise business solution. No two companies work the same way, so you shouldn’t have to make do with a system better suited for another industry. This customization makes it possible for your enterprise solution to replace development processes that take months to create. With Pangata, you’ll be able to manage and organize crucial business data with ease.

Additionally, Pangata is structured in such a way that you don’t have to worry about ASC 842 compliance. You’ll be able to track exactly which items are subject to ASC 842, as well as what needs to be done in order to make it compliant. This centralized system will also be able to track expenses of making your equipment compliant, which of your employees is working on making your assets ready for inspection, and other integrated steps necessary to meet with this new regulation.



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