Inventory Tracking for Companies in the Food Distribution Industry

Inventory Tracking for Companies in the Food Distribution IndustryCompanies in the food distribution industry have to keep up with their inventory tracking to continue operating at their best. Whether you manage a restaurant, stock a supermarket, or feed kids at your school, you need to know exactly what you have and the condition it’s in. After all, the importance of keeping your food fresh and safe can’t be overstated. Your customers rely on you to screen your product for safety – their health depends on it.

These are just a few of the ways tracking your food inventory will help increase your business’s professionalism and its overall bottom line:

Reduce Food Waste With Your Inventory System

One of the most significant problems your company faces is food waste. While some food waste is unavoidable, other parts of the process can be avoided with a detailed tracking system. Using a software program to keep track of your perishable inventory makes it easy for you to track what food you have when you got it, and where it’s located. You’ll save money, and your practices will have a reduced environmental impact.

Utilize What You Have on Hand With a Detailed Inventory

Trying to plan meals can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what you’ve got in stock. Promising a customer that you can create them a dish, only to have to tell them later that you have run out of that item can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction, and can ultimately cost you, customers. However, with a detailed inventory record, you’ll be able to tell your customers with surety that you can fill their requests.

Identify Issues That Come Up During Inventory Tracking

When problems come up in your food business, you need to know about them in real time. Neglecting to address issues immediately can lead to health problems for your customers, and can even get your facility shut down. However, with the right system of inventory tracking, you’ll easily be able to address problems as they come up. In fact, cloud-based asset tracking can help you head off many problems before they even happen. If one of your food items seems to spoil before expected, you can make a note in your records to make sure you don’t buy from that vendor anymore.

Keep Your Food Fresh With Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking allows you to record and access information like when you acquired each of your food items. With the right platform, you can even set your system up to send you notifications when your food is about to expire. That way, you won’t have to guess if your food is still safe to use. For example, one of our non-profit clients uses our platform to help them keep track of the coolers they rely on for their meal delivery program. Before using our program, they were trying to remember where their coolers were off the top of their heads, which makes it difficult to keep food safe. Now they’re able to see where an individual cooler is at any given time if each school has received a meal, and where their drivers are at any moment.

Your ability to manage your perishable inventory will have a direct impact on the satisfaction and safety of your customers. Are you prepared to take on that task today?


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