IT Pro Names Asset Panda Among Best Inventory Management Software Solutions

IT Pro Names Asset Panda Among Best Inventory Management Software Solutions

Asset Panda keeps bringing in the positive reviews! IT Pro, a UK-based online resource for business IT decision-making needs, published in late October its review of best inventory management software for small, medium and large enterprises. IT Pro mentions Asset Panda’s ability to work “across a wide range of sectors, including IT, education, maintenance, hotels and facilities management to track hardware and software inventory across the entire organization.” Writer Clare Hopping also points out Asset Panda’s usefulness for tracking the service life of a piece of equipment. That’s an extremely difficult task to accomplish if you’re relying on a static Excel spreadsheet, but with Asset Panda, you have the means to monitor who’s using each piece of your IT equipment, for example, along with the complete maintenance history of that piece of equipment and its present condition. If the equipment is due for servicing or updates, Asset Panda can help companies track that, as well, and stay on schedule with custom notifications and alerts. If you need to create a work order, you can process your request through Asset Panda’s mobile platform.

As IT Pro states, one of Asset Panda’s greatest selling points is its ability to service companies of nearly every size and industry. This incredibly powerful, yet intuitive mobile platform was built with the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. No two companies are same, so a one-size-fits-all approach to asset tracking and management simply won’t work. Asset Panda created a robust and completely customizable features offering (that continues to grow) that’s available to every client; every Asset Panda account is a premium account. Clients select the features relevant to their needs, and make changes at any time.

Another one of Asset Panda’s guiding philosophies as that your asset tracking and management efforts are only successful if you have employee buy-in. With that in mind, we’ve created an app with a streamlined user interface. Navigation is easy, and in fact, your employees won’t need to sit through any training to get up to speed quickly. All you need to use Asset Panda is your smartphone, tablet or computer, if you choose to use the web app. In contrast to some of our competitors, Asset Panda includes a built-in mobile barcode scanner, so you won’t need any additional hardware to use it., Asset Panda’s online store, provides a large variety of durable asset tags and labels for your needs.

For your asset tracking and management efforts to be successful, you’ll also need to bring in as many stakeholders as possible – everyone involved in the lifecycle of your assets. When everyone is communicating, mistakes and loss are far less likely, and you get accountability.

Once you’ve entered a new asset, you can add supporting documents, voice notes, photos or videos, then customize the features according to your unique needs. The dashboard, fields, columns, calendar, unlimited actions (alerts, notifications, and reports, for example) are all up to you, as are the security settings – you can set them up based on user, function or field location. In the palm of your hand, you have access to the entire lifecycle of your asset data. And, because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, that data is always served up in real time. No more guesswork or costly errors. View an item’s exact location, GPS coordinates, its condition and maintenance history, check-in/check-out status, depreciation, insurance policy expiration, warranty information, lease/purchase information, and much more. Importing and exporting data into and out of the tool is easy. The app is also flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future.

Asset Panda also recently launched Pangata powered by Asset Panda, which enables the company to create custom mobile apps for clients within hours.

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