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What our clients are saying...

This is easy to use and, for the price, is unbeatable. It allows me to track all of my assets and software with ease from my mobile phone and computer.

Andy Hill

IT Administrator
Global Media Outreach

Before Asset Panda, our site supers had a group message chat going on that they used to track down equipment, and now they can just type in the description and see who they need to call! Saves them all a lot of time!

Ayla Lovell

Construction Administrator
Bedrock Homes Limited

We have ran an entire £1.7M project with Asset Panda, it has been a really powerful and useful tool for managing a large amount of assets, users and permission levels.

Michael Chetta

Site Manager
Arena Instrumentation

I like the ability to customize this application to meet our needs is incredible. I feel like every question I have had has been answered with, "We can do that." It is also great this can be achieved at a relatively low cost.

Brittany Leasure

Internal Auditor
Wyoming Supreme Court

Very quick, and easy to use. I love the iOS app option. So much easier than writing down notes and entering info when I get back to my computer.

David Anderson

District Administrator
North Gilliam County Health District

Asset Panda is very intuitive and user friendly. As a cloud based solution it allowed quick and easy implementation to our teams in 40 countries worldwide. Excellent reporting and audit trail features.

Meri Martin

Global Finance Manager
AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Asset Panda has been a huge help in organizing what was previously managed in multiple conflicting excel docs across offices. We couldn't be more satisfied with the effectiveness and ROI on this decision.

Jamie Illing

VP Finance
ProctorU Inc

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an asset?

An asset is something a business or organization uses as part of its operations. Common assets include:

  • IT equipment
  • Tools
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Buildings

Asset Panda's pricing is based on how many assets you'd like to track, and our configurable system can be set up to track just about anything.

Our experts will be happy to work with you to determine what asset count will work best for you. If you find that you need to track more assets down the road you can upgrade your account at any time.

Nope! Forget about buying expensive barcode scanning hardware.

One of the biggest advantages of the Asset Panda system is the integrated barcode scanning function included in the mobile app. Any user with a mobile device can quickly search, update and maintain asset records to improve the accuracy of your data.

If you want to print your own barcodes, you can easily do so with the barcode generator built into Asset Panda's web app.

If you need barcodes that can stand up to heat, moisture, chemicals or other environmental hazards, Asset Panda has partnered with a team of experts who can help you out.

By providing a central system of record for assets, Asset Panda helps clients save money by reducing property taxes, property insurance, Federal/State taxes.

Asset Panda also helps our clients reduce asset losses due to misplacement, theft and mis-allocation and enables clients to avoid double-purchases and early equipment breakdowns with better tracking and consistent maintenance.