Introducing Asset Panda 2.0

Asset Panda 2.0 is live on March 15, 2015!

Asset Panda 2.0: the hands-down winner in asset tracking systems. Now it’s your turn to get ahead in the game.

Completely customizable, even more powerful and now simpler to use, Asset Panda 2.0 is the result of client feedback, extensive research and testing. From its flexibility and configurability to the ease of use and unbeatable value, there’s simply no competition anymore. Asset Panda is the clear leader in the industry.

With 2.0, the entire display and organization of your inventory within the Asset Panda app or web account is your choice. And better customization means that you save more time and more money than ever before while you monitor your vital assets the way you want. Every field is custom, and you decide how to categorize and display your data in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Enhanced notification and reporting, customizable user configuration, an asset inflation calculator, open API and change history reports are just a few of the updates you’ll find in 2.0.

For a complete list of enhancements and more information, click here. Asset Panda has changed the way companies manage and track their assets. Start your free 14-day trial, and find out why this groundbreaking platform stands alone in the marketplace.



Jeremy Vest

Jeremy has over 15 years of experience in the video marketing and advertising space, founded his own video production agency, and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Braille Skateboarding.

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