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Companies put certain systems and procedures in place to keep employees accountable and responsible. Being organized is also one of the most important traits companies look for in its employees. Being organized, accountable, and responsible are the trait trifecta when it comes to asset and inventory IT management. Tracking assets and inventory in a quick and easy-to-use manner can make big improvements in how a company functions and uses its time. And as the saying goes, “time is money.”

Every organization needs some form of asset inventory management, especially for IT departments. Because big ticket assets like IT equipment (i.e. laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) are fluid, moving inside a building, throughout the city or even across the country, it’s challenging to track their location and condition without a real-time, technology-based system. The accountability and organization that an asset and inventory IT management program brings can truly make a big difference.

There are three important steps in a successful asset and inventory IT management program:
  1. Identify all of the assets/inventory to be tracked. Once you ID your assets, they become part of the recorded data and can be effectively monitored and managed. The first step in any asset management software program is “know what you have.” Once you know what you have, keeping up with it moving forward becomes incredibly easy.
  1. Maintain accurate records. This too can be a struggle. So many organizations used to use ledgers or shared spreadsheets. These formats are incredibly error-prone. An asset could be “lost” forever with one mistyped entry. And the long-term effect can lead to complicated audits, lost revenue, wasted time looking for assets, or even a loss of customers. These methods also require a lot of guesswork, which is risky in today’s competitive business environment. Ensuring that whatever method you use has a detail to keep up with repair and maintenance histories is key. Many employees have no idea when a computer went in for service or if it’s running the latest software upgrade. But they do know when equipment is not acting right and causing issues for their job. Maintaining updated, detailed records saves a lot of headaches and wasted time when an item is not able to be used or has to unexpectedly go in for repairs.
  1. Track the movement of your assets. It’s all too easy for companies to lose track of assets or fall victim to theft. Assets are constantly on the move. Users need to always be aware of where an asset is, who has it and its check in/check out status. Now there’s no excuse not to know the exact location of an asset, and modern asset tracking technology virtually eliminates the “I don’t know where it is” scenario thanks to built-in scanners that employees can use from their own smartphones. With one click, users can capture a plethora of data about an asset that goes into one central location, viewable anytime and from anywhere. Many systems even have built-in GPS software which pinpoints an asset’s exact location.

When you’ve evaluated the efficiencies of your asset and inventory IT management software, you reduce asset losses, save money on insurance costs, keep better track of inflation and depreciation, eliminate guesswork from repair and replacement decision-making, and maximize the life of every one of your assets. Most importantly, you’re saving time for your IT department and all of the departments it services.

Asset Panda’s asset and inventory IT management tracking system harnesses the power of the cloud and mobile technology to give clients an easy yet powerful way to track their assets any way they want. Our free Android and iOS apps sync with the cloud and eliminate the need for additional software and hardware. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, which means everything you need to reference the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets is in the palm of your hand via your smartphone or tablet.

This completely flexible platform allows users to display information in the way that makes the most sense to their organization. Every Asset Panda account is a premium account. Users have access to powerful features like mobile audit/GPS tracking, full integration with the web app, custom dashboard, user configurable views, the ability to create work orders, and the ability to include multiple users with different security settings on web and mobile.

See why Asset Panda is the most powerful asset tracking platform on the market when it comes to asset and inventory IT management with a free 14-day trial. Visit today to get started.

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