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There’s no shortage of asset management apps on the market these days. But the devil’s in the details. Do a deep dive into the key features and price points of each of those apps, and you’ll find quite a bit of variation. What sets the merely serviceable apart from the stellar?

First, let’s talk price. Some apps are free; some aren’t. Price points start to creep upward when an asset management system requires additional hardware and software, which carry licenses and, therefore, fees. For a great deal of asset management systems, a separate barcode scanner must be used to enter items into your inventory. After purchasing the scanner, you’ll need to keep up with its periodic maintenance, repair and even replacement, not to mention the risk of loss or theft. Another potential expense: How many users are you entitled to with the app you’re considering? Will you be charged per user?

Asset Panda combines the use of free Android and iOS apps, the cloud and scanning using the devices employees already carry: their smartphones and tablets. No separate barcode scanner is needed; the app contains a mobile barcode scanner. No additional hardware or software is needed to use Asset Panda’s integrated asset management system. And with Asset Panda, clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge.

Second, take a look at flexibility. No two organizations are alike, so why should your asset management app take a “one size fits all” approach to data display? In this competitive environment, you should be able to track your assets any way you want, to meet your specific needs.

Asset Panda is based on that very philosophy of offering clients complete customization, with features like custom fields, assigning of contacts by location, unlimited custom actions, unlimited custom reporting and exporting, custom calculation fields, custom APIs, ability to track repairs and maintenance, parent/child relationships/grouping, service contract information and expiration dates, purchase/lease information, insurance policy information and expiration dates, and the ability to generate custom forms on actions.

Third, ease of use. Clients won’t use an app that’s not intuitive – and that’s especially important when multiple users are involved. Asset Panda is the most powerful mobile asset tracking system in the world; and yet, it’s simple to use with an easy and flexible user interface on the web and mobile apps, a custom dashboard, sortable columns, easy data import, ability to link groups of data, user configurable view, built-in search and custom location/area/category security, among other benefits. Asset Panda customer service is always a phone call away to answer any questions.

Fourth, a robust and continually growing list of features, including an extensive list of mobile features. As your organization evolves, your asset tracking needs may change, too. Asset Panda accommodates clients from a broad range of industries – health care, nonprofits, IT, education, hospitality, facilities management and many more – with features like email notification capability, creation of work orders, check in/check out, mobile audit/GPS tracking, accounting and compliance data, a calendar feature and much more.

Asset Panda adapts to the way you work. Simple, powerful and completely flexible, and offered at an incredible value, this is an asset management app that has no peer in the marketplace.

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