Kick Your Asset Tracking Spreadsheet to the Curb (It’s Time)

Are you still relying on an asset tracking spreadsheet to manage your vital fixed assets? If so, how many errors are plaguing your bottom-line revenues? Even with the best intentions, manual asset tracking procedures are a highly inefficient and limited way to manage your assets.

When you consider everything that crosses your desk over the course of a single workday, it’s easy to see how keeping track of your assets can get lost in the shuffle. You’ve got fires to put out and other urgent needs that demand your immediate attention.

You may have one or more employees assigned to the task of maintaining your asset tracking spreadsheet. First of all, manually keying a large quantity of items into a spreadsheet is labor-intensive, and only one employee can be in the document making changes at any given time. It’s also incredibly easy, as we all know, to miss a keystroke or transpose a number. Perhaps you have a reorganization, and the employee who was responsible for maintaining the spreadsheet is no longer charged with that task.

Regardless of the circumstances, what typically happens is that your spreadsheet has gaps and errors. Employees are left trying to make an educated guess as to where your assets are. Some assets may have been lost or stolen, but not reported as such. Meanwhile, you continue to pay insurance on those “ghost assets.” In that scenario, you’re throwing your money down the toilet.

When you have to locate a particular asset, those inaccurate, outdated records come back to haunt you. You and your employees spend hours spinning your wheels in frustration as you try to hunt them down. Excel data is not in real time, so while an item may have been recorded previously, that data doesn’t necessarily reflect its status yet.

Another consideration: Excel doesn’t allow you to examine the entire lifecycle of an asset, from its initial acquisition to its periodic maintenance, movement inside and/or outside your organization, to its phase-out from your inventory.

The bottom line is this: It’s time to kick your asset tracking spreadsheet to the curb. In the near future, the Internet of Things will create a reality in which all of your assets are tagged and tracked. Asset Panda is already prepared for that forthcoming reality with a powerful, yet simple to use mobile asset tracking platform. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, include a mobile barcode scanner and require no additional hardware or software to use – only the mobile devices you already carry.

Asset Panda’s features offering is robust and available to every one of our customers; every Asset Panda account is a premium account. We’ve established a completely customizable tool that enables clients to select the features meaningful to their specific business functions. Additionally, our clients have full control over how their data is displayed, from the custom dashboard, fields, reports and exports to unlimited custom actions, alerts and notifications, and security settings.

Because our mobile app syncs with the cloud, you have real-time access to your data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the palm of your hand, you can pull up the exact location and condition of any asset, along with its maintenance history, insurance and lease/purchase information, inflation and depreciation figures, check-in/check-out status and so much more. Schedule maintenance, create work orders, even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk if you choose. And you can add as many users as you like to the app at no additional charge. Our goal is to help you close the communication loop among all stakeholders – increasing accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization, and saving you precious time and money.

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Courtney Roush

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