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We’ve witnessed a revolution in barcode asset management during the last few years. It used to be that employees carried separate handheld scanners or mobile computers to enter and log various fixed assets. Those devices were costly to acquire, which essentially limited the number of employees who would be granted access to them – and potentially leaving important stakeholders out of the loop. The devices also required periodic maintenance and, ultimately, replacement. Over time, as the smartphone has become the mobile office, giving rise to an explosion of apps, savvy companies have turned to mobile apps for their barcode asset management needs. The subsequent benefits of that transition are overwhelming, including increased efficiency, ease of use, reduced confusion, better accuracy and significant cost savings.

While there are a few such smartphone apps on the market, Asset Panda offers a product far superior to its competitors in terms of its flexibility, customization capabilities and robust features offering. The company’s free iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, enabling 24-hour access to real-time data. The free apps include a mobile barcode scanner, so you’re able to enter and track your assets anytime, anywhere. And you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost, enabling you to add as many stakeholders as you’d like, and close the communication loop.

With the mobile devices your employees already carry, they can pull up any asset within seconds and track such vital information as its lease/purchase information, insurance information, check-in/check-out status, current location and condition, maintenance schedule and much more. Schedule service, and issue work orders. Monitor inflation and depreciation. You can even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, drastically reducing the number of support calls you have to manage. Although we offer free startup training, there’s no extensive training required to use Asset Panda; this asset tracking platform has been designed to be extremely simple, so employees throughout your organization can use it easily. No more wasted time hunting down hard-to-find assets. No more guesswork. No more wasted money paying for repairs or replacement for assets that shouldn’t have fallen through the cracks. Your accounting and compliance teams have easy access to the critical information they need. The entire lifecycle of every one of your assets lives in the palm of your hand, making your organization a better steward of its resources.

Best of all, Asset Panda is completely customizable. Our philosophy is that our clients should be able to track their assets exactly how they want. The Asset Panda app greets you with a custom dashboard with simple user interface. Create your own alerts, notifications and reports; select an electronic signature option, which helps increase accountability; add voice notes, documents, videos or photos to the asset records, as needed. Track by person. Use the mobile audit/GPS tracking feature. Customize fields, actions and asset listing views. Select your preferred output for reports. Use the app’s calendar feature. Use the custom role-based security feature to create specific security settings for multiple users. Import and export data quickly and easily. And this is just the beginning. Best of all, every one of these features comes standard, because every Asset Panda account is a premium account.

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