The Value of Barcode Software in Asset Tracking

As companies grow, so does their list of assets. It’s not uncommon during and after these growth periods to hear questions bandied about regarding pieces of equipment such as “Where is it?” “Who has it?” “When’s it coming back?” or “What’s wrong with it?” In order to avoid these questions, the use of barcode software for asset tracking has become an instrumental piece of daily operations.

Thanks to advances in asset tracking technology, it is easy to track equipment through their entire lifecycle. From equipment ordering to installation, location and check in/check out, to maintenance, repair and replacement, today’s barcode software is giving users the ability to use the mobile devices they already carry to quickly enter and locate specific items they've logged into asset tracking systems. Simple and efficient tracking can make a profound difference in a company's bottom line, and better resource management produces significant savings of time and money.

No matter the size, businesses and organizations need to manage, control, and track inventory at any time, from anywhere. Manually entering inventory into a spreadsheet is no longer a viable option, and with today’s growing mobile workforce, tracking assets solely on a desktop computer is not a good fit either. Handheld scanners that were commonly used to track inventory can be quite heavy and bulky, not to mention quite expensive to maintain or replace. And they aren’t convenient if multiple parties need to use them and there’s only one in working condition!

Enter in the new generation of barcode software asset tracking technology that utilizes mobile phones or tablets that most of us carry around daily. This software is often compatible with affiliated asset tracking software and features a minimal cost to a business compared to their former scanning predecessors. The new generation barcode software is very easy to use. With the push of a button, everything a business needs to know about an asset is recorded and viewable in real time to all users. From where an asset is, who has it, check-in/check-out and maintenance data. It’s all in the palm of your hand – literally!

The use of barcode software for asset tracking helps eliminate errors frequently found in the old way of data entry into a spreadsheet. They improve productivity because of their quick and easy usage and can be handled by fewer people in a faster time frame. Barcode software even can be the basis for improved security and asset tracking for expensive items that cut into a business’ bottom line if they are thought to be lost or stolen. Now you truly can answer the most common question: “Where is it?”

One of the greatest benefits to barcode software in asset tracking is that it truly is mobile. Whether your assets are in one location or across the country, barcode software gives users the ability to be able to access vital data about those assets anytime, day or night. All the information you need about an asset is stored in one central place, no matter who scans it and from where. And it’s shown in real time. No guessing if the data shown is from last week or last month. And this mobility from barcode software holds employees accountable for the asset(s) in their possession from start to finish.

With Asset Panda’s barcode software asset tracking capabilities, everything clients need to track the complete lifecycle of every one of their assets is within their reach. Our free iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, delivering real-time, accurate data 24 hours a day.

Scanning assets is incredibly simple with Asset Panda because the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. Without the additional charge of a separate mobile barcode scanner – or any additional hardware or software — you don’t have to limit the number of stakeholders included in your communication loop.

Asset Panda was built on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want, from the devices they already use. You can store such vital asset-related information as photos, documents, voice notes and videos; a complete maintenance history; insurance information, including expiration date; lease/purchase information; check-in/check-out status; depreciation and inflation; and GPS coordinates, among many other details. Set up custom notifications and alerts, create work orders, customize your asset listing view, your fields and actions. Sort columns, create user-configurable views, your own custom dashboard and set up custom role-based security.

Asset Panda adapts to the way you work with tools to make your job easier. Simple, powerful, completely flexible, and offered at an incredible value. For more information or to start your free 14-day trial, visit

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