What Kind of Barcoding Equipment Should You Use?

What kind of barcoding equipment should you use? You’ve got several choices available to you, and your decision should be based not just on price point, but also the current and anticipated needs of your business.

First, of course, you’ve got to start with asset and/or inventory management software, which works in conjunction with your barcoding equipment. Your scanner eliminates the need to manually type in barcode numbers – a time-consuming process that invites human error.

Handheld scanners and mobile computers are going to represent the majority of the products you’ll see on the market. Some handheld scanners require you to be connected to your computer, while others are Bluetooth connected, albeit with limited ranges. Mobile computers come with many more capabilities beyond scanning. For starters, you’ve got a screen on which your data is displayed. Mobile computers also have storage and WiFi, so you can take them offsite and connect to your office.

Smartphone scanners offer the most convenience; you’re not tied to your computer, nor are you limited to a range. Additionally, smartphone scanners save you money, since you’re not having to buy additional hardware; and they also encourage more participation, as anyone with a smartphone can be brought into the communication loop.

The three types of scanners vary in price, ranging from the handheld scanner at least expensive to the mobile computer at most expensive. If you’re going to need several scanners in order to ensure maximum participation of your employees in your asset and inventory tracking processes, mobile computers likely will be too steep for your budget. And, just like handheld scanners, mobile computers are at risk for theft, loss and breakdown.

Barcoding equipment also includes asset tags and labels. Depending upon the item in question, environmental extremes could play a role in the tags and labels you ultimately choose. If your inventory is subject to high temperatures, abrasion or chemicals/solvents, you definitely need a durable solution.

Ease of use, adaptability and customization are other important considerations you’ll want to keep in mind before you purchase barcoding equipment and software. A Google search can overwhelm you, as the asset and inventory tracking market has grown exponentially in recent years – especially given that the Internet of Things is now considered an inevitable and forthcoming reality. Asset Panda provides you the best of all worlds – access to easy to use, yet reliable barcoding equipment; a powerful and flexible mobile asset and inventory tracking and management platform; an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface; and a streamlined approach that makes it easy for your organization to simplify what was a complex task and save significant time and money in the process.

Asset Panda is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, so you won’t need a separate handheld scanner, or any additional hardware, for that matter. We offer a turnkey approach to your needs; you can even order your asset tags and labels from our online store, buyassettags.com. Asset Panda’s platform is easy to use and completely customizable, enabling you to track and manage your assets and inventory any way you want. You can add as many users as you’d like at no extra charge, and because the app syncs with the cloud, your data is always served up in real time. From the palm of your hand using your smartphone or tablet, you have round-the-clock access to an item’s exact location, condition, value, complete maintenance history and so much more. You can create custom reports, set up notifications and alerts and establish custom security settings based on specific criteria.



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