Basic Inventory Control Is As Easy as 1, 2, 3

We are all looking for ways to get things done quicker and under budget. With more eyes looking at the bottom line and the procedures in place on how we do our jobs, finding a tool that can help achieve all that seems like a dream. When it comes to basic inventory control, you need a platform that can give you 3 key pieces of information … where your assets are, who has them, and their status. Once you have those pieces in place, then the other components come into sight and you will have more data available than you could ever imagine. So what is this magical tool? Asset and inventory tracking software.

Say “good-bye” to the old way of basic inventory control and tracking

In years past, when it came to basic inventory control and creating lists of data to keep up with what they had, companies relied on manual processes for their inventory needs. Many used simple pen and paper to create handwritten ledgers – which took up a lot of time. Eventually, companies moved on to an online, shared Excel spreadsheet. As these companies can attest, especially today with greater amounts of inventory moving fast and furious from place to place, these methods just don’t work. Assets and inventory are constantly moving, and that means their value, whereabouts, condition and other attributes are always changing. With such a quick pace, mistakes are bound to happen. A missed keystroke here, a typo there, or the occasional oversight of an entire delivery of stock. Mishaps such as these can throw off your entire record keeping account and mean big trouble in the books.

Your inventory is constantly changing, and when you rely on human entry or limited software to track inventory changes, you subject the entire process to error. Modern asset tracking software essentially automates the basic inventory control process, saving you money as well as time for more important tasks.

Say “hello” to mobile technology for basic inventory control

Mobile technology has made it possible for companies of every size to introduce more automation and accuracy to their basic inventory control functions. Many offerings on the market today feature free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. And even better, some include a built-in mobile barcode scanner, so there’s no need for additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses. By eliminating handheld scanners and giving employees the capability to manage inventory and assets anytime from anywhere, every stakeholder can be a part of the basic inventory control conversation, therefore increasing accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Say “welcome” to real-time data and “so long” to guesswork

When it comes to business decisions, making a profit is among the top 3 goals. If certain products aren’t selling well, getting rid of them can save money and storage space. But how can you know when products aren’t selling if you don’t have reliable data to help you determine trends or evaluate what’s moving and what’s not? Using inventory control software can help track patterns and decide the future of your business and the items you stock and/or sell. No one has time to guess these days. Jobs and companies are on the line. One bad guess can put the “closed” sign on a business for good. Guesswork can often generate confusion and frustration, especially when it comes time to provide sales data to your accounting and compliance teams.

Basic inventory control software platforms enable employees to utilize built-in tracking reports that can be configured and customized to your specific business needs. Companies can operate more efficiently by having real-time data at every level. This data provides a snapshot of your inventory, where it’s located, in addition to detailed information such as check out, maintenance history, and change history.

Asset Panda is your go-to for basic inventory control. It is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, and you don’t need to invest countless hours of extensive training to use it. The app is completely customizable, enabling an unlimited amount of allocated users to organize data exactly how your company needs it. A custom dashboard, columns, fields, notifications, alerts, reports and security settings are just a few of Asset Panda’s customizable features.

Asset Panda’s free apps sync with the cloud, meaning your data is served up in real time 24 hours a day. From the palm of your hand, track values, location, maintenance histories, insurance information, GPS coordinates, lease/purchase information, check-in/check-out status and more. Schedule work orders, issue reports about your inventory, track and anticipate trends, make informed financial decisions, eliminate loss and waste, and put a stop to guesswork. Asset Panda is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future.

Basic inventory control is no longer boring thanks to Asset Panda. Give us a shot with a free 14-day trial at

Audra London

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