Check-In/Check-Out Software Vital for Hotels


Why consider check-in/check-out software? If you manage any fixed assets that change hands, you know how frustrating it can be to keep track of them. Even if you’re keeping a sign-in/sign-out sheet, employees occasionally forget to log out assets. You then have little recourse but to get on the phone and start making phone calls to locate it. That not only affects productivity, but it also creates an environment in which accountability is lacking.

Hotels are among the entities that can benefit most profoundly from check-in/check-out software. That’s because the number of fixed assets that change hands within your average hotel is extremely large. Consider, for example, the housekeeping department, the kitchen, outdoor maintenance, facilities management, and the meetings/events department. Employees count on a limited quantity of fixed assets, including equipment, to do their jobs. The inability to locate critical assets can have a direct impact on the service the hotel delivers to its customers. The hospitality industry is not only competitive, but it can also be high stakes in nature. There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. The customer must always have the impression that all of those elements are working smoothly and in concert, and check-in/check-out software can help hotels deliver on that mission.

Asset Panda's software centralizes all of a hotel’s fixed asset data in one location. Employees can access information like an item’s exact location, condition, and identity of the employee who currently has it in his or her possession. An electronic signature feature may also be present, which another layer of accountability. The software serves as a hub, so to speak, where employees know they can receive real-time information. If an item requires service, they can create a work order. Managers can conduct audits to obtain an accurate picture of all of the fixed assets and equipment the hotel currently has in its possession. They can examine the complete maintenance history of any item, track depreciation, create equipment refresh schedules, and plan budgets based on accurate information, not guesswork.

Theft and loss is an unfortunate occurrence in the hospitality industry, but it’s a reality. Hotel guests aren’t the only perpetrators. Employees, too, have been implicated in these crimes. Aside from the usual safeguards like background checks, security cameras, office, and in-room safes, check in check out software can help curb theft and loss.

Another powerful benefit of check-in/check-out software is the ability to track assets across multiple locations. Large hotel corporations can examine their fixed asset use across the board and make adjustments where necessary. The software enables managers to generate usage reports to determine the most frequent users of any fixed asset. That knowledge, in turn, may influence decisions about where additional assets may be needed.

Asset Panda’s mobile app, which syncs with the cloud, empowers hoteliers with an easy-to-use, completely customizable platform. The app includes a barcode scanner and allows you to add as many users as you’d like. The idea is to bring every stakeholder in the lifespan of your assets into the communication loop, therefore raising the bar on accountability and reducing theft and loss.


Courtney Roush

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