Understanding the Impact of Computer Asset Tracking

Many years ago, computers were on the wish lists of companies everywhere. Only a select few employees had their own computer and the thought of having a portable, laptop size was just a dream. In today’s business reality, computers are readily available and a necessity in doing business. Computer asset tracking is a real task that left undone, can wreak real havoc on a business.

Why is computer asset tracking so important? Simply put, computer asset tracking can help organizations keep their equipment in top shape, maximize their lifespan, prevent theft or loss, increase accountability and, ultimately, save both time and money.

We work in an increasingly mobile society. It’s not uncommon to see “pop up” offices at coffee shops, in the park or at a local mall. Employees are taking computers on business trips to hotels, conference centers, work sites, etc. With all this mobility, and a greater opportunity for loss, damage or theft, companies now more than ever, need to keep up with their computer assets.

As businesses grow and the number of computer assets increases, companies are finding that it is best to have a specific method for tracking computers so they do not lose track of them and lose valuable data. This practice isn’t just limited to computers either. It also includes tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches.

Tracking each and every computer asset in a company’s inventory has been turned into a relatively simple task thanks to the right asset management and tracking tools. When you track your computers (or any other technical tool), you have instant data to vital information on location, usage, and maintenance, which can be even more important for budgeting and replacement later down the line. Key elements of a good computer asset tracking program will tell you:
  • who actively uses the computer/has ownership
  • where the computer is
  • when someone checked a computer out and for how long
  • when was the last time maintenance performed
  • what is the current depreciated value of the equipment

Let’s not forget about the maintenance aspect when it comes to computers. Keeping equipment maintained and up to date is an important task for any type of computer asset. Computers require software updates, service and, ultimately at some point, replacement. By being aware of the maintenance status and repair records about your computers, you can monitor their usage and if they are working for your organization. A simple repair, if neglected, can turn into a major headache and a very expensive replacement if not tracked.

Asset Panda is your one of your company’s best defenses against theft and loss for valuable equipment like computers. Powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda provides real-time data, so users can view the exact location and condition of their computer asset at any time. From a desktop or mobile device, employees are able to view details like check-in/check-out status, insurance policy, lease/purchase information, maintenance history, or even GPS coordinates. When companies can monitor all assets, including computers, efficiently and accurately, they have the potential to save time and money.

Asset Panda was founded on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost, which encourages more communication, greater accountability, and involvement from all stakeholders.

Want to learn more about tracking your valuable assets like computers? Check out this video about Asset Panda and see how it can (and will) work for you.


Audra London

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