A Computerized Maintenance Management System Gives You the 30,000-Foot View

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) is a software package that allows maintenance teams to track and manage the assets they have responsibility for, schedule and track maintenance and keep records of all of the work they perform. At a moment’s notice, maintenance workers can determine which locations have the parts they need and which machines are due for servicing. CMMS can also help management determine which parts to order, ensuring that they don’t order what they don’t need, or allow a location to sit idle while they wait for needed parts. And this software empowers companies to examine, analyze and report on high-level data, like the costs of preventative maintenance versus machine breakdown, and therefore make better-informed decisions about resource allocation and project priorities.

Companies need not only a way to identify their needs, but also address them quickly so that downtime is minimized or even eliminated. They need a way to anticipate needs and fill them before they become issues. Traditional asset tracking processes are manual in nature and involve Excel spreadsheets, a highly inefficient and error-prone way of working. Whether you have one employee or multiple employees charged with maintaining asset records, the odds of missing data, entering a typo or simply forgetting to enter data are both high and understandable. A CMMS represents a giant leap forward for efficiency; however, you’ll find quite a few software packages on the market, and it can be difficult to know what distinguishes them. What you need is a system that not only incorporates the best of what current technology has to offer; it’s flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent in the future. A system that’s easy to use is another must, and it should serve up real-time data whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. Asset Panda is all of these things, and more.

The most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, Asset Panda is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, so your data is in real time 24 hours a day. You won’t need additional hardware, software or software licenses to use Asset Panda – and that includes a barcode scanner, because our free apps include a mobile barcode scanner. Everything you need to track and manage the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand.

Scan new assets, then enter additional details like documents, voice notes, photos and/or videos. With Asset Panda, you can pull up in seconds an asset’s exact location, including GPS coordinates; insurance policy expiration date; lease/purchase information; check-in/check-out status; complete maintenance history; depreciation and inflation figures; and more. Because the app is completely customizable, you have total control over the display on the dashboard, the columns and fields you display, asset listing views, and notifications and alerts you set up. You also determine the level of security for various employees, or based on such criteria as location/area. And, because you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge, you can bring everyone involved in an asset’s lifespan – from initial acquisition to periodic maintenance to ultimate phase-out from your inventory – into the communication loop. When everyone is connected, you increase accountability and accuracy in your organization, and you eliminate guesswork and frustration. And, while Asset Panda is incredibly powerful, it’s also simple to use. Even the most technologically challenged employee while find the app intuitive and easy to navigate; and it’s offered at a price point our competitors can’t touch.

If you’re on the lookout for a computerized maintenance management system, Asset Panda is the clear leader in the marketplace. Some of the biggest brands in the world trust Asset Panda to help them manage millions of dollars’ worth of their most vital assets. Try it free for 14 days. For more information or to get started, go to assetpanda.com


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