Incorporating Construction Asset Management Software on the Job Site


Construction sites – whether commercial or residential – are notorious for having a wide range of assets in use by a variety of different trade groups. Tracking which tools are in use and by who can be incredibly challenging, especially as no two jobs are the same. By incorporating a strong construction asset management software program right at the beginning of each job, the process of tracking and managing construction site assets can be transformed in a way that benefits everyone.

When it comes to construction, keeping on a specific timeline and having the necessary tools and equipment readily available are key to keeping a job flowing smoothly. There’s no question that a number of variables come into play that can throw a job site into chaos – broken equipment, weather conditions, overlooked construction errors. But the issues of lost equipment, not knowing who has a specific tool, or when it will be returned, and keeping up with each tool’s maintenance schedule can be easily avoided with the addition of a construction asset management software program.

In the construction industry there is always new equipment being purchased, rented, leased or shipped to construction sites across the city or sometimes across the country. It is a complicated process to create and implement an efficient and accurate inventory system to accommodate such a mobile and dynamic sector. Relying on antiquated processes such as hand-entered ledgers or online spreadsheets are prone to human error while also being labor-intensive and in the end, costly. In many cases, these types of processes tend to lead to faulty maintenance, theft, misplacement, wasted employee and management time, and therefore considerable financial losses.

Tracking construction equipment is a tedious but vital job for every project from start to finish. By having a construction asset management system in place that is capable of streamlining the asset tracking process is essential to ensure accurate data. Keeping track of every piece of equipment, relevant materials, and consumables improves accountability across your organization, reduces excess purchases and paperwork, and improves maintenance accuracy. By having a clear picture of every asset along with their location, user, and maintenance status, construction companies will be able to see the efficiency of allocated resources.

Construction equipment must always be compliant with new regulations and up to date with their preventive maintenance. Finding an asset management system to track said statuses must be flexible enough to accommodate the different types of equipment and the multitude of regulations passed at any given time. This means that the construction asset management software selected must not only work at the home office, but also at the different job sites in which the equipment and workers are located. Having the flexibility to use a system that adapts to the way your business functions is essential for a smooth and successful operation.

One of the most frustrating and common delays on construction sites is that of broken or out-of-date machinery. These tools create unwanted downtime, leave staff standing idle and cause frustration and delays for both the construction companies and its clients. With tight budgets and even tighter timelines, no company wants to spend money unnecessarily, so having an asset management program that can accurately assess the economic life of construction assets and when it is time to repair or replace is of utmost importance. By storing up-to-date and accurate data on performance and costs for each asset via asset tracking, companies can address questions about costs to business operations from a financial and time standpoint; how does repair compare to replacement; how much has been spent repairing an item during its lifetime. All of these questions impact the bottom line and play a huge role in the construction process right from day one.

Asset Panda’s unique approach to asset tracking will save construction companies as well as their management teams and in-the-field workers both time and money. Asset Panda provides a flexible and reliable platform to track, manage, and support construction equipment, adapting to the way you work, and allowing you to customize the system however is best for your business. It is a cloud-based software platform that coupled with free mobile apps, gives users the freedom to access all of their assets at any time, from anywhere.

Asset Panda’s asset management software allows for unlimited users with highly customizable security permissions. You can set alerts and enter detailed notes on each asset as well as have the ability to take and store photos and videos of the equipment in order to validate its condition. Asset Panda goes where you go to track the assets that are vital to the operation of the company. Our system is simple to use, affordable, and eliminates the headache of tracking 3rd party hardware scanners.

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