Construction Asset Tracking Software Useful to Industry Now and Long After Pandemic


Is construction asset tracking software still needed during a severe economic downtown? In large part, yes. The extent to which the public construction industry has been affected by COVID-19 varies on a state-by-state basis, but it’s still humming along, albeit more slowly. Public projects for use by the general public are often financed by federal, state or local governments and those projects are still needed even in difficult times.

Industry Forecast: Varied Among the States

A report issued by Deloitte, entitled “Understanding the sector impact of COVID-19: Engineering & Construction,” states: “As the effects of COVID-19 are felt around the world, public construction has been one of the few activities that have been maintained to some extent.” The report forecasts that construction activity will likely continue at least for the short term because the lockdown in several countries hasn’t been total “and many companies are willing to continue executing their contracts in order to avoid liquidation damages.” In the long term, Deloitte adds, this could change if and when the supply chain is disrupted.

This COVID-19 construction activity report, released by, illustrates the gamut of state responses ranging from no restrictions, localized, nonessential and essential. States have taken varied approaches to the speed at which they’re choosing to reopen their economies and relax stay-at-home directives. The majority of states are encountering public construction delays – even those with no restrictions in place – likely due to the domino effect of our economic slump and/or a reduced workforce. The residential and non-residential construction markets, according to Deloitte, have been hit much harder by the virus’ economic impact, and many companies in those sectors have halted projects for the immediate future.

Transparency and Efficiency Still Matter

For those public construction projects that are still moving forward, construction asset tracking software is a helpful tool for keeping work organized, on track and on schedule as much as possible. Construction companies are only as efficient as their equipment and tools enable their workers to be. Equipment must be audited, inspected and properly maintained before, during and after each project. A construction company that has to search through scattered records and manual spreadsheets both in the office and online will inevitably suffer setbacks – namely, lost time, lost money and increased frustration.

Efficiency depends on having real-time equipment data in a centralized location accessible by every stakeholder at any time, from anywhere. This kind of access is vital for planning purposes before any project begins; throughout the duration of the project if additional equipment and tools are needed or if equipment repairs are needed; and upon conclusion of the project to assess the condition of equipment and reassign those items to the next project on the books.

Asset Panda's Construction Asset Tracking Software

During work on any project, if equipment requires repair or another service, construction asset tracking software gives crew members the ability to create work orders directly on the job site. The software provides transparency so stakeholders can track the progress of repairs, examine the maintenance history of any fixed asset to identify any recurring issues, and even set up reminders so they stay on top of routine inspections, maintenance and other key service dates.

Not only does construction asset tracking software keep equipment running on all cylinders, it also maintains worker safety, which in turn prevents accidents, litigation and reputational damage.

Asset Panda’s completely mobile approach to construction asset tracking software makes it easy for crew members to create and track work orders, track and manage their equipment from the smartphones they already carry.

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