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When we use the term education asset these days, we’re not talking about chalkboards. The equipment required to run schools effectively now includes PCs, monitors, tablets and A/V equipment as well as traditional assets like books, school supplies, extracurricular supplies and furniture. As any educator will attest, shaping the minds of the next generation is a challenging enough job without having to hunt down equipment, wait for maintenance or repairs or improvise when an item is lost. If you’re an administrator, determining your needs for the upcoming school year is an extraordinarily challenging task if you’re relying on anything less than accurate, thorough and real-time data.

When it comes to budgets, schools are forced to do more with less, squeezing the most out of every dime to educate an increasingly larger student body. That makes every single asset under a school’s roof precious. In an environment in which so many of those resources are constantly changing hands among teachers, administrators and students, and existing asset tracking processes may be outdated and error-prone, you’ve got plenty of opportunities for those items to become lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. In fact, the average school system loses nearly a quarter of a million dollars every year – including nearly $80,000 in technology equipment alone – from lost or damaged assets.

Asset Panda gives educators a simple, powerful tool to track the location and condition of every one of the vital assets upon which they and their students depend. Thanks to Asset Panda’s free Android and iOS apps that sync with the cloud, administrators and teachers can scan items for inventory using the mobile devices they already carry. A mobile barcode scanner is among the features in the Asset Panda app, which eliminates the need for a separate handheld scanner – an item associated with traditional asset tracking systems that ultimately requires repair and replacement. No additional hardware or software is needed with Asset Panda; the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. Asset Panda’s tracking platform is completely flexible and customizable, meaning you choose how to categorize and organize all of your assets. With Asset Panda, you’re entitled to multiple users, each with secure access, and without an additional fee. When all stakeholders are brought into the communication loop, accountability and better resource management are the result.

At any time of day, you know how many items you have, where every one of them is, who has them and when those items will be returned to you. You know when an item is due for maintenance and can create notifications and alerts. Schedule maintenance or issue work orders for assets through Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk. Create reports for insurance, audits, losses and more. Bringing all of your inventory under one organized roof, Asset Panda improves the integrity of your data, which subsequently reduces your taxes, saves you money on property insurance, keeps accurate track of your depreciation and inflation costs, eliminates guesswork from repair and replacement decisions, and saves you time and frustration. Perhaps most important, your administrators are able to make informed decisions about where your school’s budget should be allocated.

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