Educational Improvements That Come from Using Track Inventory Software

Many of your departments and schools at your college or university share assets and equipment. Some may even share the same office space. If any of your assets go missing, it’s going to affect dozens of your staff and faculty.

Essentially, your higher education institution has dozens of moving parts that help it continue operating daily. Trying to manually manage these systems is no longer an option and that’s where track inventory software can be helpful.

What Areas Benefit from Track Inventory Software?

You might think that using an inventory software tracking system will only benefit the areas of your organization that have inventory. However, you can apply the same type of software in almost any department. Here are just a few ideas to start.

Student Support

Your student services provide health and wellness opportunities for your students. This can include gym equipment, medical tools, and many other items that help you take care of your students. These items are incredibly expensive and can add up quickly if you don’t keep track of them.

Tracking this kind of equipment will help you provide for your students in several ways. You can see what items your students are most likely to use and make sure they stay maintained. Tracking the things that your students use will also help you see what items you need, and which ones you can eliminate.

Compliance Records

Public institutions must meet government mandated compliance to continue receiving funding. But proving compliance can be difficult if you don’t keep the right kind of records. Using track inventory software daily will give you ample data to pull from and create reports for audits and more.

Inventory usage records are a great way to show whoever is asking how you are using the resources provided to you. Data tracked over time will position your institution as trustworthy and responsible.

Asset Security

There’s no way to reliably know if the people in each of your offices are students, staff, faculty, or someone who isn’t supposed to be there. Asset tracking will help you ensure that only people who have been given access can use your university’s resources.

While many universities provide resources for the entire community, there are some things that should not be available to the public. Faculty offices and the assets contained there should only be accessible by professors, teaching assistants, and relevant staff.

Research and Submitting Proposals

As a professor or grad student in higher education, you’ll need to submit proposals for funding and research. This means collecting data on how you’re currently using the equipment at your disposal, so you can prove that it isn’t enough for your needs.

Instead of waiting to send in your research grant until you’ve collected the right data, you can pull from the information you’ve already been tracking. Grant writing requires specific details be provided and sometimes it’s not possible for you to do a quick check to get that information.

If you’re looking for a platform that will help you track all the fields listed above and more, Asset Panda can help you create something that works best for your organization. You need a platform that adapts to how you work, not the other way around. We created our cloud-based program in an easily customizable format, so you can get all of the features that will help you make the most of your funding.

Want to see exactly how Asset Panda can improve your ability to serve your students? Check it out for free today!


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