FinancesOnline Names Asset Panda in Reviews of Best Asset Inventory Software

Asset Panda recently was reviewed on FinancesOnline, a platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews. The site, which holds an extensive directory for software reviews, is intended to help readers find the best solutions for their respective companies. FinancesOnline compares various products side by side so that users can weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. As FinancesOnline says in the review, the decision shouldn’t be based on price alone; instead, shoppers should carefully consider which product is offering the most value for the buck. Features, flexibility, and customization are among the factors that should influence the decision-making process.

The site compared Asset Panda to LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM. Both products received a 100 percent customer satisfaction score. FinancesOnline gave Asset Panda a score of 8.0 based on the following elements: 20 percent main functionality; 20 percent collaboration features; 15 percent customization; 12 percent integration; 10 percent ease of use; 8 percent help and support; 5 percent security; 5 percent mobility; and 5 percent media rating. “Asset Panda is an easily customizable, affordable, fully-featured asset management software,” the site said. The review mentions Asset Panda’s unlimited customization options, the ability to create and deliver reports via email, and the ability to customize attributes for contacts. Further, the review touts the platform’s ability to centralize all asset data in one place, as well as its time-saving convenience – due in part to its mobile optimization, cloud storage and real-time data – as well as its facilitation of communication among stakeholders; its open API, which provides “easy and fast integration with other programs and tools”; and Asset Panda’s ability to store and easily serve up compliance-related information.

The review doesn’t go into great detail about Asset Panda’s ease of use, but that’s a major selling point for this cloud-based mobile platform. With Asset Panda, clients don’t need additional hardware or software – not even a separate handheld barcode scanner. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps include a mobile barcode scanner, and everything is accessible via smartphone or tablet. Clients are entitled to add as many users as they’d like for no additional charge. The intent of that feature is to encourage maximum participation of stakeholders so that no communication gaps exist. When everyone’s in the communication loop, accountability and accuracy increase significantly. Asset Panda’s features are completely customizable, empowering clients to track their assets any way they want. The tool’s dashboard, fields and columns, actions like notifications, alerts, and reports, and security settings are all up to the user. Best of all, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adapt as new technologies become prevalent in the future. Clients don’t need any special training to use Asset Panda; despite the fact that it’s the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, it’s incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

Companies and organizations of every size and industry are realizing significant and measurable savings of time and money with Asset Panda. They’re eliminating waste, guesswork, and frustration, accurately tracking their asset values and tax liabilities, and maximizing the lifespan of their investments with this easy and efficient platform.

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