FinancesOnline Stacks FullContact Against Asset Panda in Sales Software Review

As part of its ongoing study of sales software, compared FullContact with Asset Panda. Although the products have different features and functions, their core objectives – to centralize data coming from multiple sources and thereby help companies become more efficient – are very similar.

FullContact is a contact management software that enables users to maintain up-to-date information and synchronize contacts across their accounts and various devices. The software pulls contact information from such resources as social networks, blogs, photos and public data. In turn, users have access to full social profiles of their customers, leads and prospects, which help them connect with those individuals for business and marketing purposes. Users may make queries through a Person or Company API; and may make further enhancements to their queries over time, adding multiple attributes to personalize and segment contact records. FullContact received a customer experience score of 95 percent.

Asset Panda allows clients to track and manage their assets and inventory, and perform multiple tasks, including the creation of work orders and reports, from anywhere they happen to be, whether in the office or out in the field. The most powerful mobile asset and inventory tracking platform in the world, Asset Panda is fully optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and syncs with the cloud, so data is always in real time.

In its overview of Asset Panda’s benefits, FinancesOnline mentions the platform’s customization capabilities, wealth of features and affordability. The overview describes how Asset Panda users “can designate contacts based on certain attributes, like location. FinancesOnline also mentions the tool’s “tight security based on roles and appropriate level of access, so the information users see is relevant to their positions or the tasks they are given.” Further, “the solution also boasts unlimited locations, users, and mobile access, and it works well on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android.” Asset Panda received a user satisfaction score of 100 percent and has been named among FinancesOnline’s Top 200 Sales Software products.

For Asset Panda, mobile access is key, as work rarely stays at the office anymore. Employees need a means to track and manage their data anywhere they go. Asset Panda gives them that flexibility, along with a mobile barcode scanner, which eliminates the need for a separate handheld scanner. FinancesOnline mentions Asset Panda’s customization capabilities, including its report function, which enables users to add calculations fields before sending. With an unlimited number of users allowed, Asset Panda clients can bring every stakeholder into the asset tracking/inventory management conversation, which helps increase accountability and accuracy throughout clients’ organizations.

Both of these software products represent where technology is taking us. Consumers require the ability to conduct business wherever they travel. They no longer want to wait until they’re in the office to access their critical data. Additionally, they’re expecting full functionality from apps – no more paper records – and they want the assurance that their data is in real time. The pace of business has never been faster, data is always changing, and, as companies grow both domestically and internationally, software products like these can save them considerable frustration, wasted time and effort by giving them one centralized location for all data, accessible 24 hours a day.

Here's a closer look at how clients can create and export customized reports with Asset Panda:

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