Handling Special Education Fixed Assets

Stocking up a school with vital supplies isn't cheap. Those in the educational services know just true this statement is, and how fast budgets can experience bloat when you add in special education facilities. According to Ace Furniture, a provider of governmental and educational furniture and supplies, something as simple as a wheelchair accessible desk can cost up to $328. Adding in the need for large numbers of these, as well as other vital equipment like accessible toilet fixtures and computing systems, can push your budget even higher. If you are going to protect these expensive tools with an asset tracking system, the old standards of desktop databases and documents just don't cut it.

Protecting the School's Investment

To take your fixed asset management services to the next level, look to a hi-tech and easy to use alternative like Asset Panda. This app gives you and the other administrators of the school a chance to add in notes on special education assets and keep up with repairs and replacements. For school officials who are constantly moving from classroom to classroom, the mobile access through your phone or tablet helps you stay on top of these assets without having to constantly run back to your office. This mobility can mean all the difference in the world when trying to get through a busy day and ensure these students have everything they need to be happy, healthy, and comfortable in their learning environment.


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