How to Integrate a Healthcare Asset Inventory Management System

Managing a healthcare clinic requires you to have your hands in a variety of places. You have to make sure patients are being properly taken care of, oversee staff, and complete more tasks, which is where a healthcare asset inventory management system comes in.

Trying to take care of all of it is overwhelming. Most days, you feel like you’re just charging through everything that comes your way. You may even be discouraged about your ability to keep it all together.

Managing your healthcare inventory doesn’t have to be like that. Here are some ways you can integrate management and make it easier for everyone involved.

Integrate Asset and Staff Management

Who says you need to manage staff and assets separately? With the right system, you can track employees and equipment usage. Keeping everything in the same place means less back and forth and less opportunity for mistakes to enter your system.

The right management system will make it easy for you to see what items staff are using, monitor patient care, and keep your team accountable.

Asset Panda can be configured to track employee metrics as well as help you manage your healthcare assets. Identify what employee stats you want to track, whether its hours, patients helped, or something else. Then create fields for each of those areas and set up an input system to capture them.

Implement Methods in Every Step of the Process

If the system works one way for one of your employees and a different way for someone else, it isn’t a good system. You need consistent steps that everyone can follow.

Create processes for everything you do in your clinic, even if it isn’t related to tracking your medical devices. Having clearly outlined systems will simplify everything you do and decrease your overall workload.

New employees that join your company will have an easier time adapting to the way you do things. They’ll become a stronger asset to your team and improve your company work ethic.

Find a Healthcare Asset Inventory Management System That Works for Your Clinic

Trying to change your practice to match a healthcare asset inventory management system doesn’t make any sense. You shouldn’t have to revamp your clinic just to get a system to manage your medical devices. That means no complicated software programs that require hours of study just to start using.

Your clinic operates in a specific way. Maybe there’s an inventory management system out there that complements your medical practice as it is right out of the box. However, it’s unlikely that any program will be exactly what you need without any adjustments. Plus, you need a system that’s secure because of the unique nature of working in healthcare. You can’t risk any of your clinic’s information falling into the wrong hands.

Asset Panda created an infinitely customizable asset and inventory management system. We’re here to help you find what works for you and make it happen. Our customer support agents are dedicated to helping each of our clients figure out how to use the software, and how to make it what each of them needs to succeed in their practice.

We know that security is a huge priority for you, so your practice can remain HIPAA compliant. Our integration specialists will help you create a system that’s compliant and supports you in every aspect you need.

Want to see how Asset Panda can become an integral part of your clinic? Take a free guided tour today!


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