Healthcare Asset Management: Patients Are Counting on You

Healthcare asset management is particularly crucial because lives are at stake. When you stop to consider the sheer volume of medical assets within any hospital, it’s rather mind-boggling – especially given the size of healthcare networks these days. Patients can’t wait when equipment isn’t performing as it should. If staff continually have to look for lost tools and equipment like monitors, tables, wheelchairs, EKG machines and the like, both productivity and patient care are negatively impacted. Beyond the human impact, a drop in quality standards is something hospitals can’t afford in this competitive healthcare climate. Hospitals need a means not only to keep their equipment in good working order, but also to monitor its distribution across multiple sites, so that one location isn’t lacking vital tools while another has assets sitting idle.

Ultimately, we’re moving toward an Internet of Things, a world in which all devices are tagged with unique barcodes and can “speak,” enabling more efficient healthcare asset management. Within a hospital, for example, a piece of equipment could send a message signaling that it’s time for maintenance to be performed. That communication, in turn, would enable the hospital to stay on top of timely service schedules and avoid a breakdown, expensive repairs and even premature replacement. While the Internet of Things isn’t a reality just yet, we’re preparing for it now with the application of barcodes on assets throughout nearly every industry, including healthcare. Working in conjunction with healthcare asset management software, those barcodes allow hospitals and clinics to monitor the condition of and keep track of vital equipment.

If you’ve been relying on outdated systems to track your healthcare assets, and you’re starting your search for a better solution, there are a number of features you’ll want to be on the lookout for. The best healthcare asset management platforms don’t just track assets; they also enable staff to submit help tickets or work orders. They also make it easy for everyone involved in the lifecycle of healthcare equipment to communicate with one another, which increases accountability and accuracy. You’ll also want to find a product that’s simple to use. When you’re seeking buy-in from all stakeholders, it’s imperative that your healthcare asset management solution is intuitive, easy to use, and serves up your data on demand.

Asset Panda invested years of research, development, and testing to create the world’s most powerful mobile asset tracking platform. Clients from throughout nearly every industry sector, including major healthcare organizations, use our free mobile iOS and Android apps to help them better manage their vital assets and equipment. With Asset Panda, there’s no cap on the number of users you can bring into your communication loop, so you can get everyone on board for better results. The platform is both flexible and completely customizable, enabling you to track your assets any way you want and make changes at any time. Designed with the Internet of Things in mind, it’s flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future. It’s simple to import and export data into and out of the tool, and integrate with legacy systems. You won’t need additional hardware to use Asset Panda – not even a separate handheld barcode scanner, as the app also includes a mobile scanner. And, because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, the information you depend on to provide the best patient care is always served up in real time. Whether you’re setting up alerts for routine equipment maintenance, looking up warranty information, or finding out when an item will be available for check-out, the entire lifecycle of your healthcare assets is as near as the smartphone or tablet you already carry.

Let Asset Panda handle your healthcare asset management, so you can focus on higher priorities. To learn more, or to begin your free 14-day trial, go to



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