Excuses You’re Making Instead of Purchasing Inventory Asset Software

When it comes to purchasing inventory asset software, sometimes it's easier to find all of the reasons you shouldn't buy a program instead of remembering the ways it will help you. However, those excuses are holding you back and costing your business time and money. Here are some of the common things people tell themselves in order to justify not buying a program that will help them.

I can just use a spreadsheet”

Spreadsheets are one of the most ineffective ways of keeping inventory. Even if you set up formulas to do a lot of the computing process for you, they are incredibly prone to error. And if one of your employees enters something in wrong, that'll mess up the entire sheet. Spreadsheets are also difficult for more than one person to use. If each of your employees doesn't know the exact process of using your company's spreadsheet, they're likely to mess it up.

“Inventory doesn't take that much time”

If you're doing inventory here and there, it might not seem like it takes up that much time. However, when you add all of the time up, it can take several hours to tally everything up. Some companies have so much inventory that they have to hire several people just to manage their inventory process. Using an inventory asset software saves your employees several hours of time each week, and allows them to put that time towards doing more tasks that bring your business profit.

“Inventory asset software is expensive”

Looking at just the price tag on any software product can make it seem incredibly expensive. However, when you look at it as a tool that will increase your profits overall, suddenly the price tag doesn't seem very important. These days, there are many lightweight programs that are nowhere near as expensive as the same kind of software from 10 years ago. Using the right software can also help you save hundreds of dollars in inventory maintenance and product replacement.

“It'll take too long to implement”

Some software can take a long time to learn. However, if you invest in an inventory asset software that's easy to configure to meet your needs, it won't take long to implement. Technology should help you make your work flow more efficient, not add more stress to the process. By finding the right program, you'll be able to implement it in a short time and end up saving your company countless hours.


Asset Panda knows that you have concerns when thinking about using a software to manage your inventory and assets. On the surface, it can seem like using this kind of technology is too much of a pain to pursue. However, there are a number of benefits you'll enjoy once you and your team know how to use the platform efficiently.

With our software, you'll be able to track down your products with ease and cut down on time spent searching for specific assets. Any member of your team can log in to the database and look up data on a number of assets and items in your inventory. You'll also have a better idea of what your stores look like, and which equipment tends to be used the most. This information will allow you to make decisions that will benefit your company and increase your bottom line.

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