Software for Inventory Tracking: Here’s What to Look For

Congratulations – you’ve finally decided to kick your Excel spreadsheets to the curb and invest in software for your inventory tracking needs. That’s a smart move for eliminating waste and costly errors. And the right software most certainly will raise the bar on your company’s efficiency. So which product do you choose? While the price point is undeniably important, ease of use and flexibility probably outweigh price in the long term. For your inventory tracking efforts to succeed, you need maximum buy-in from among your stakeholders. If your software for inventory tracking is too complicated and requires extensive training to master, it’s safe to assume that your employees won’t use it. When it comes to any new process, the simpler, the better.

Simplicity extends to the customization capabilities of your inventory management software. A product that demands conformity to a one-size-fits-all solution likely will leave your employees frustrated. With that in mind, you’ll want to look for a solution that’s as customizable as possible, allowing you to track and manage your inventory exactly how you want today, and in the future, as your needs change.

You also want to be on the lookout for a product that allows for unlimited users – without nickel-and-diming you for the privilege. The ultimate success of your inventory tracking processes is directly proportional to your ability to loop every one of your stakeholders into the conversation. When everyone’s talking, accountability and accuracy increase. Guesswork and gaps are eliminated.

With Asset Panda, you get everything on your wish list, and much, much more. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps are your gateway into the most powerful inventory tracking platform in the world – and it couldn’t be simpler to use. Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, so it serves up your data in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That feature is particularly useful for tracking asset values, which constantly change and are nearly impossible to track accurately with manual processes. You can also verify within seconds such details as for whether you’ve already purchased an item, the exact location of any item and its condition.

You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users with Asset Panda at no additional charge, which empowers you to bring all of your stakeholders into the loop. Asset Panda is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no special training to master. Our philosophy is that you should be able to track your assets any way you want. That’s why our apps were designed to be completely customizable, from the dashboard, fields, and columns to the security settings, notifications, alerts, and reports, which help you provide contextual insight and make better financial decisions regarding your inventory. It’s easy to import and integrate your existing data from spreadsheets and legacy systems into Asset Panda.

You won’t need any additional hardware to use Asset Panda; in fact, the app includes a mobile barcode scanner, so everything you need lives in the palm of your hand. Use your smartphone, tablet or the web app, if you prefer.

The future of your organization relies on careful management of your inventory. If you’re ready to curb waste, improve budgeting and avoid costly customer service errors, give Asset Panda’s software for inventory tracking a try. Your first 14 days are free. For more information or to get started, visit

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