IT Hardware Tracking Safeguards Your Biggest Investment

IT hardware tracking is vital for the financial health of every company because IT assets represent among an organization’s largest investments. They’re also among the most frequently stolen, because items like laptops, smartphones, and tablets are constantly on the move, whether an employee is headed to a meeting or out of town on a business trip.

Additionally, IT assets must be maintained properly, with the appropriate updates and periodic servicing. In the course of day-to-day business, it’s very easy to lose sight of details surrounding your IT assets – their maintenance schedules, respective warranties and other information. Even the most seemingly organized companies can find themselves spending more money than they’d planned when minor IT repairs turn into major overhauls or, worse, premature replacements. Sometimes IT assets become lost in the cracks and remain unreported. In the worst-case scenario, a company could continue to pay insurance on “ghost assets,” or assets that aren’t even in its inventory anymore.

It’s also important to note that IT assets, like all fixed assets, must be reported for accounting and compliance purposes. Without accurate and timely records, guesswork and mistakes are often the unfortunate results.

If you’re still a growing company, you might be tempted to choose what first appears to be the least expensive route for your IT hardware tracking needs: an Excel spreadsheet. However, Excel is an inefficient, static and error-prone means of recordkeeping. First of all, your IT asset information is frequently changing; for example, an IT asset is checked out to an employee or checked back into your IT department. That asset depreciates over time. You might have multiple employees assigned to the task of keeping up with your asset records. You can’t consolidate their information; nor do you have the assurance that your data is up-to-the-minute. Typos are a common occurrence, as is employee oversight. When it comes time to track down an item, what usually happens is a lot of wasted time and frustration because records aren’t up to date.

For the sake of efficiency, your bottom line and employee morale, an IT hardware tracking system that can centralize all of your IT and other asset information in one location is your best bet. What you need is a means to pull up your data from any location, versus having to wait until you’re in the office to access your information. Quite simply, mobile technology is the only way to go with IT hardware tracking. Nothing beats the convenience, flexibility, power, and ease of use that Asset Panda delivers to its clients.

With Asset Panda, all you need to access the entire lifecycle of every one of your IT assets already lives in the palm of your hand. Download the free iOS or Android version of the Asset Panda app to your smartphone or tablet (or use the web app, if you prefer). The app syncs with the cloud, so your information is always in real time, and it includes a mobile barcode scanner, eliminating the need for a separate handheld barcode scanner or any additional hardware. Add as many users to the app as you’d like at no additional charge. Our philosophy is that every stakeholder involved in the asset lifecycle should be in the communication loop, which improves the accuracy and accountability of your asset tracking efforts.

At any time of day or not, you can pull up an item’s exact location, condition, its complete maintenance history, check-in/check-out status, insurance and warranty information, lease/purchase information, and the identity of the person who has it, among other details. Schedule work orders and even use the tool as an enterprise service desk to cut down on your support call volume. Asset Panda is incredibly powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use with flexible, customizable features. You won’t need any special training to use Asset Panda with ease, but our world-class support staff is always at your fingertips.

A free 14-day trial is the best way to learn how Asset Panda can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your IT hardware tracking efforts – and save you serious money. To get started, visit



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