Cloud-Based IT Inventory Management Software Can Help Your Business Score

As a medium-sized business, it's likely you have several assets in your IT inventory. It can be challenging to keep track of all of your monitors, laptops, desktops, keyboards, mice, software programs, and other IT necessities for your business. Applying an inventory tracking system to your IT assets can help you make sure your investment is being put to the best use possible

When it comes to choosing what kind of inventory management program to use, there are several options. However, not all of these options are created equal. The best bet is for you to go with a cloud-based IT inventory management software. Here's why:

Users Can Access Your Inventory From Any Location

Many companies are seeing a rise in a number of employees who work from home. That means employees need to be able to access inventory records from any location. If your IT inventory management software is only available at home, then your remote employees will have an incredibly difficult time accessing valuable inventory records they need to do their job. Having a cloud-based database will make it easy for your employees to work from home on off days without disrupting your company's workflow.

Data Remains Intact No Matter What

Accidents happen. Whether your server goes down because of a major storm, or your network gets infected with malware, losing data is a very real and scary possibility. But, when you have your data stored in the cloud, you don't have to worry about losing valuable information on your technology assets. You can rest assured knowing your database will still be there, no matter what happens to your physical office.

No Limits on the Kind of Information You Can Record

If you're used to using a manual method of keeping inventory, there are a lot of limits on how much information you can keep track of. Or, other IT inventory management software can be limiting in the data fields you are allowed to enter. Most of these programs are difficult to customize, so if you want to input a topic that isn't supported by the software, you can either put it in an unrelated field or just deal with not having it in your asset records. However, with cloud-based programs, you can customize them to suit your data needs.

Easy to Scale Your Database as Your Business Grows

Business growth can be both a blessing and a curse. While growth is good for helping you increase your profits and reaching a larger audience base, it also means you'll have to scale your company to meet demand. If your software doesn't scale with you, then it isn't helpful to you. Having cloud-based software means you won't have to worry about space restrictions on your database size. It also means your inventory records can grow with you.

Information Integrates Easily with Other Systems

One of the most difficult things a company can encounter is dealing with systems that won't talk to each other. If you have any point of sale or product databases, you need them to work well with your inventory records. Otherwise, your system will have errors and you might be caught short when a customer or client needs something you don't have. When your systems work well with each other, it leaves you less susceptible to errors and data corruption.

As a cloud-based service, Asset Panda can help you take advantage of all these benefits. Our flexible service is easy to use from your mobile phone, so you can access inventory records on the go.

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